Renowned vintage jeweller Susannah Lovis has just acquired a sought after vintage Cartier ring from the Panthère Collection, which is wildly popular amongst many celebrities. The likes of Jay-Z, Eva Mendez, Kristen Stewart, Rachel Zoe and Lady Gaga have been spotted proudly parading the statement gold, onyx and peridot ring, while style icon Chloë Sevigny has claimed it as her most prized piece of jewellery.


Susannah Lovis, based in the Burlington Arcade purchased the ring on a recent trip to Miami.  The ring - previously sold for £17,000 - is available from Susannah Lovis for £9,800. You can go and ogle it in the window but if you don't have that kind of money to spend we have put together a little round up of alternative Panther rings below that come in a little lower.

If you do have a load of cash lying about then you can enquire about a Pathere de Cartier ring with Cartier themselves if you want a new one. Price is on application.


panther cartier ring alternatives

1. Strange Fruit Panther Ring at Wolf and Bandger £230

2. Hennes £5.99

3. Obey ¢39

4. Tiger ring Etsy £65.55

5. Tiger ring (n green) £6.55