Miso Dumpling Ramen Sumo Bowl

Need to warm up that belly with this windy weather? Go for Yo's sumo bowls. Speedy enough for a weekday lunch and large enough for a weekend binge (along with some conveyor choices of course!) they pretty much fill any bill.

So whether you need something to see you through your Christmas shopping spree or a pick-me up after a big night out, what better way to festively refuel than with YO! Sushi’s great value big and steamy Sumo Bowls. Available now and especially for the Christmas season, this is the perfect feast that would even fill Santa up for only £8! 

Christmas shopping can drain the very life out of the best of us so make sure you keep those energy levels up mid-shop to help you find the perfect purchase or pop into YO! Sushi when you are finished for a sumo sized reward – a great way to say thank you to your partner if you’ve dragged them round the shops too!

And what better way to help your head the day after the night before with a group hangover lunch a YO! Sushi – bookings are being taken from the 9th November. Time to forget the greasy English fry up as the way to beat a sore head -  spicy noodle soups have been proven to have healing properties with the perfect mix of salts, protein, and carbohydrates to zap a sore head immediately

So come on in for some sumo action - with six varieties to choose from, there is something for everyone to help keep the festive fun going without breaking the bank!  


Miso Dumpling Ramen / Rice

Steamed vegetable gyoza, tasty ramen noodles or rice if you prefer, in a warming miso broth, with a dash of chili sesame oil.

Spicy Seafood Udon / Rice

Seafood heaven for fish lovers, succulent shrimps, salmon and squid, with colourful vegetables, thick udon noodles or rice if you prefer in a spicy broth.

Beef Curry Ramen / Rice

Tender beef, colourful vegetables, tasty ramen noodles or rice if you prefer, in a hearty curry broth, with a dash of chili sesame oil.

Tofu Katsu Curry

A YO! favourite, the fresh Tofu Katsu Curry with rice, in a mild creamy curry sauce garnished with  spring onion.

Chicken Katsu Curry

Or for the meat lovers amongst us, the Chicken Katsu Curry with rice, a mild creamy curry sauce, garnished spring onion.

Prawn Katsu Curry

Finally, why not mix it up with the Prawn Katsu Curry with rice, a mild creamy curry sauce garnished with spring onion.

Come into a YO! Sushi near you to enjoy your sumo sized bowl, or why not have yours to take-away, to bring back to the office, or for dinner in front of the TV! 

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