greg james naked

Ellie Goulding may have got a little perturbed yesterday when we all got a glimpse of what she wakes up to int he morning, a naked Greg James.

A  fair few of you would have heard Greg James yesterday 'getting naked' online and much like us you probably thought he wasn't totally naked and were too lazy and cared too little to actually log on and watch it to see. But it turns out after a quick google that yes, he was indeed starkers.

It is strange seeing a radio DJ and boyfriend to pretty well known singer songwriter barely covering his bits with a red nose but then that's what happens on Red Nose Day we guess! Covering his modestly with a large size red nose Greg sat a bit awkwardly on his chair making sure the nose didn't slip.

He managed to raise £661,000 by getting naked so Greg James, well done. Sadly though we can't see whole lot of support from Ellie currently at SXSW, and if her Twitter is anything to go by she seemed to be more concerned about getting a hotel to stay in in Austin.