London parcels delivered by drone

Boris Johnson, ever happy to embrace the new technological options out there for London has said that using drones to transport goods across London could happen.

Amazon has suggested that this may be the way forward for them however what's stopping the progress are rules on unmanned airborne vehicles flying overhead. Amazon's prototype drone is pictured above.

These drones would be carrying all sorts so if there was a problem, they broke down, they fell out of the sky or on lowering someone simply jumped one the potential issues could be many.

Property maintenance company Aspect also want to make drones a reality for London and would use them to carry objects from keys to heavy metal pipes to circumvent traffic jams - though of course some of these items would do serious damage if they came dropping out of the sky.

Property manager Paul Rowland is so sure that this could be a feasible idea however that he has set up a meeting with the CAA’s head of Intelligence, Strategy and Policy to put forward the case.

Would you be happy for your items to be delivered by drone if you had the chance? Would you also feel comfortable with them flying overhead carrying objects?