Ooolala! Excited to share the news that Wolf Alice will headline the first Converse Rubber Tracks Live show in London on 24th February at The Boogaloo. Tickets are free and applications are open now on converse.co.uk/rubber-tracks.

NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. (JANUARY 26, 2015) Today, CONVERSE Inc. announces its first-ever Converse Rubber Tracks Live show in London on February 24, a free concert featuring WOLF ALICE at legendary Haringey venue, The Boogaloo. As the physical incarnation of the Converse Rubber Tracks programme, the live show will also feature Converse Rubber Tracks London artist Crows, hand-picked by Wolf Alice. Applications for free tickets open today on converse.co.uk/rubber-tracks.

Converse Rubber Tracks London launched with a residency in Haringey, where select local musicians were given the opportunity to record for free at a state-of-the-art recording studio from Saturday, January 10 through Monday, January 19. The following ten acts were hand-picked to record by a panel formed of NME magazine’s New Music Editor, Matt Wilkinson; the founder of London radio station NTS, Femi Adeyemi; and member of The Young Guns Network, Harry Balazs: Haarlem Riots, Piff Gang, Crows, Jay Prince, Home Clouds, Desert Mountain Tribe, Rainbow Tiger, Gutshot For Broadway, Arctic Lake and Brey.