So we just so happened to see Rudimental in New Zealand, which was a major win after missing them in our own London Town.

The Hackney derived quartet bring Hackney around the world with them, taking the famous Dalston mural that they used for the cover of their hit-filled album 'Home', wherever they go. With a backdrop indicating that Hackney is home, and Hackney is where they have come from, it was hard not to swell with pride watching the four boys doing their thing on the other side of the world.

Rudimental make you feel like they are your friends. Instantly. From the moment Locksmith runs out topless, you know the party is about to start, and you can't deny that he's one of the best hypemen around. However, the four Rudimental boys are so much more when they perform live. They are a family, with a whole host of family members; backing singers, brass section, drummer, etc.

The beautiful Anne Marie sings backing vocals effortlessly, dressing and looking like a model, and flying the flag for girl power with another female singer, in an otherwise male dominated stage.

Energy - the name of the game. The set is nothing but bountiful energy, with an overwhelmingly huge disco ball lighting up the whole stadium. We were sparkling with fun and happiness as the light shone upon us.

The Rudimental boys are nothing but humble. Piers especially has grown from a very shy individual into someone you can visibly see has a passion for music which completes him; his very being. Locksmith took the time to big up every musician, including Camden Town's very own Mark Crown (Trumpet) and showcasing their talent individual. Rudimental exist as  a whole,  whilst also ensuring they maintain an outline of the core Rudi4.

Covers on the night included DJ MARKY & XRS - LK feat. Stamina MC, as well as a fun rendition of King Curtis - Mephis Soul Stew.

We basically had a ball - a massive sparkling Hackney tinged disco BALL.

Thanks Rudi fam.  We can feel the love.