We wanted to find out more about the incredible talent that is Mickey Lightfoot. His most recent release 'LOST', blew our socks off, with its other worldly sound and Ghostpoet-esque droll rapping over angry, in yer face beats. We loved it. So what does this young mate of Darq E Freaker have to say? Who does he listen to on his stereo? And does he like his chicken grilled or fried? Read on to find out more...

Who is Mickey Lightfoot?
I'm just a Artist that has an obsession with pushing boundaries and mixing stuff up a little. If it ain't progressive then I'm not involved.

Who are your musical influences?
I'm a fan of Prince, Michael Jackson, Andre 3000, Kanye West, Fela Kuti, Prince Nico to be perfectly honest we live in the digital age. I'm sure im not alone when I say I have too many influences, so for me this question is actually quite hard to answer.

Do you draw inspiration from anywhere else?
Everyone and everything has a story to tell, so I guess the simplest way to answer this is I draw inspiration from life. Think for instance that chair your siting on didn't just appear there, neither did that banana your eating.

Describe your sound.
A sexy mixed heritage, like really really mixed heritage, sexy girl, that walks the street boldly, in a room full of crazy and noisey people screaming "look at me!!".

How did you come to work with Dark E F?
He's my Boy, it was a chance meeting. We got on and just kept in contact. Now we just hang out and make music when ever we can.

We presume you're a Harper Lee fan due to the title of your EP 'To Kill a Flockin Bird'... tell us more?
The assumption is correct. At the time of writing this EP, I felt like a man trying escape all my vices and anything trying to hold me back or down. I just wanted to remain a free spirit, so I was just trying to fly away from all of this.

Our classic question now -Nandos or KFC?
KFC today. Nandos tomorrow