WJ Meets .. Poté

Hi Poté, for those who aren’t familiar with you as an artist, describe yourself and your sound?

I’m someone who loves to experiment and learn new ways to express myself. Currently through co-directing my videos, comings up with artwork ideas, writing poetry/lyrics and more. My sound is a blend of cultures I pick up from wherever I go and listening to a range of music from all over the world, mixed with the love for African percussion and drums in general. Some call it electronica, which is as broad and undefined as it gets really. So I’ll just stick with electronica as well.

Who musically has influenced your sound?

A lot of artists over the years have influenced my sound, from James Blake, SBTRKT, Radiohead to Kanye West, Kojey Radical and Jimmy Edgar. It’s usually about finding little things you love about what people do, adapting and play around with it until you make it your own, then build and build.

Talk us through your writing process from start to finish?

My writing process really differs every couple of months depending on influences I’m picking up and learning from people. Some tracks start with just a word or poem and builds from the feeling I get from them, like Red Moon. Other start with just a drum loop, like Katz.

I usually write all on my own. On some tracks like Fall for example, I’d write the entire beat and some lyric ideas out, then have a session with another artist to help finish the track if it needs it.

Is there anyone in the UK you’d love to work with?

Without a doubt, Wretch 32. I’ve got some tracks I think he’d honestly really like. He’s one of those people I’d just like to play music to and chat about whatever, not necessarily work on anything.

How does the studio compare to live performances?

Studio life is a lot more relaxed and free flowing for me, I love them both but my favorite thing in the world is writing a new track that I‘m really happy with. For that period in time, you’re the only one that’s ever heard it, It’s a great feeling. Live is really exciting though, a completely different energy to writing music in a studio, giving tracks a new life.


You’ve been heavily championed on Radio 1, how does it feel to be supported by names like Annie Mac, Huw Stephens, Toddla T, MistaJam and more?

Honestly, very honoured. I have nothing but love for these guys, they are bombarded with music on a daily basis and for them to not just play it once, but on a weekly basis is humbling. I feel a lot of love for them, and everyone else supporting whatever I do.

What would you like people to take away from your music?

Enjoyment mainly, but also there’s a deeper level to things. Co-directing my videos and coming up with my artwork allows me room to convey that deeper side to the music, there are going to be many different things I want people to take away in future, but for Over the Water the main message is to believe in yourself and be unapologetically you.

What’s the plan for the rest of the year?

I’ve got my follow-up EP to Over the Water coming out later on this year, which features a lot more of my own voice, as well as Kojey Radical and Carmody.

And a few live shows, which I’m really excited about, and some video/artwork ideas for the follow up EP that I can’t wait to begin working on."


Poté’s  Over The Water EP is out July 15th via The Full Hundred.

Words: Corrie Parris