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Who? Today, WJ Bookmarks… Amusement

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What? Skewed-pop from South London is a tidy summation, but putting it that simply would be a terrible disservice. There’s something oddly eclectic at play here - the sort of electronic overspill that threatens to gloop together into a mesmerisingly ground-breaking debut LP. ‘King Of The World’, available for free below, is their latest release and was only unveiled yesterday (October 15). A sedative-hit slant on tropical floorfillers Friendly Fires that boasts Poliça’s cavernous pop production and Blood Orange’s scuffed, coastal guitars - it could be messy, but instead it’s instantaneous, infectious and accessible. Elsewhere, the ethereal MS MR-like ‘Why Does Nothing Grow’ is the kind of heart-bruised, new age ballad that has provoked an online swoon.

Originally consisting as just a duo (of Joseph Sigee and Andrew Smith) the band have since doubled their ranks, becoming a distinctive live force in the process. So much so, in fact, they were recently supported by breakthrough pagan-pop trio Stealing Sheep at hip Dalston hangout Birthdays to a rammed attendance. They’ve also unleashed a slew of brilliant fidgety remixes - reworking everyone from hotly-tipped, tropical pop band Theme Park to college-friends Disclosure.

Where? When? Amusement headline a FREE show at The Lock Tavern this Sunday (October 21) – as featured in ‘This Week’s 10 Must-See London Gigs’.

Why? Amusement isn’t perhaps the first thing that’ll spring to mind when you think of Croydon, but forget all that wonky camera phone footage of lootings and ceaseless plugs at the end of DFS adverts, this foursome’s hypnotic glo-fi is about to change all that.

FREE DOWNLOAD: King Of The World by Amusement.

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