Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 14.47.58Looking for something sweet? Tried all the macaron flavours on the market and waiting for the next new small cake trend?

Fortnum & Mason is bringing the next big thing in sweet treats to its discerning customers, in the form of the humble yet irresistible canelé. Forget the ‘cronut’, the macaron and even the much-loved cupcake. This mini cake, with its distinctive dark golden crust and soft spongy centre, is the traditional cake of Bordeaux and has been made by French artisans since the 17th century.  and has been made by French artisans since the 17th century.

the canele from Fortnum and Mason

Canelés originally emerged as a by-product of Bordeaux’s wine industry, which took the surplus egg-yolks used to filter wines and turned them into rich sponges. The name ‘canelé’ means ‘ridged’, which reflects the moulds in which they are made.

BABELLE is going a step further: using the traditional recipe and infusing its wonderful texture with flavours encountered through our travels. The very best of two worlds, summed up in a simply irresistible (and, be warned, rather addictive) little cake. A culinary travel in a (few) bites. It may look simple but the flavours are amazing. So are the canelés with a decadent ganache inside… These delicious creations will be gracing the Fortnum’s confectionery counters from Wednesday 25 February. Come and try.