Amongst the throng of superhero movies that we're to expect on these shores in 2011, comes The Green Hornet.  Based on a 1930s radio hero, who has appeared in movies, tv series and comics ever since, Michel Gondry tries his rather marvellous hand on the world of the super.

Teaming up with comedy hero Seth Rogan, who writes and stars; Gondry looks to have delightfully blended humour and action with his quirky Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / Be Kind Rewind style.  Following the life of playboy Britt Reid, Rogan's male Paris Hilton has his life flipped in it's head when his media mogul father is killed (Tom Wilkinson).  Helped by an odd employee of his pa's in Kato (Jay Chou), Reid realise he's been wasting his life and sets upon stopping crime in city, targeting Mob Boss Chudnofsky played by the awesome Christopher Waltz.  Packed to the rafters with gunfights, explosions and so much slow-mo, The Matrix should be credited as an influence; The Green Hornet appears to be everything we all love about superheroes.

But with Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern out in 5 months time, it'll be interesting to see which film will stand out in the one-on-one battle of the green.  We at Jack have a sneaking suspicion it'll be Rogan's release that'll top; looking distinctly slicker than Green Lantern, comfortably armed with Gondry's love of the original and a box office pull in Cameron Diaz in the female lead.  Time will only tell Jackers.