craft beer in carnaby

Travelling the road to hoppiness, Whyte & Brown, Carnaby Street’s restaurant dedicated to all things chicken, has fallen in love with craft beer. But, rather than the usual suspects of bottled brethren, W&B has plucked from obscurity a list of decidedly different brews.

Reading like a subversive Spotify playlist, the 16-strong craft beer list includes bad boys from the brewing world such as ‘Holy Cow’, ‘Totty Pot’ and ‘Tiny Rebel’. Small craft breweries across Britain have been scoured extensively in search of the best beers to match with the finest poultry - to create the perfect combination.

Choose a crisp lager such as Cool Fusion, Hardknott which has a ginger and lemon grass aroma and a little chilli kick, or a pale ale like Pale Fire, Pressure Drop with a rose and melon nose, fresh-bread middle and orange peel finish. Or try the pineapple full-bodied piney finish of the Gamma Ray, Beavertown. For winter, the Hoppiness, Moor has a warming orange marmalade nose bursting with dried fruit and sherry.

Darker beer drinkers may prefer the Totty Pot, Cheddar Ales porter brew with a milk chocolate nose, round body and coffee finish, or possibly the Holy Cow, Ilkley which has a dark chocolate nose, creamy middle and faintly tart cranberry conclusion.

Whyte & Brown has also turned their own hand to hops with the Whyte & Brown Whyte, a wheat beer, and the Whyte & Brown Brown pale ale, exclusively developed for the restaurant by Red Willow, Macclesfield.

So choose your tipple to enjoy alongside the new menu of tempting chicken dishes that are fabulously free-range.  It includes everything from soups, wings, salads, burgers, patés and pies to casseroles, roasts and desserts. This is earthy food at its very best.

Hit it off with delights such as the Wild Mushroom Risotto Scotch Egg with truffle oil served on a bed of curly kale. Savour Slow-cooked Wild Rabbit & Chicken Ragu with rigatoni pasta, pancetta and Parmesan. Indulge in Pulled Ham Hock, Chicken & Leek Pie with creamy Béchamel under puff pastry. Or a Marrakech Burger of minced chicken with Moroccan spices, chickpeas, preserved lemon, harissa, honey, mint & coriander served in a grilled brioche bun.

If you have room, round off with Plum Crumble with vanilla bean custard, White Chocolate & Clementine Cheesecake, or Char-grilled Pineapple marinated with chilli, basil & mint served with coconut ice cream.

Open for breakfast and brunch, and with an impressive wine and cocktail list, style is certainly matched by substance.