London's a hectic place. There's not too many minutes in the day to take stock, it back and watch the world go by without feeling like you should be joining it.

But why not flex your eye muscles and take up a new hobby - sketching. Seriously therapeutic, no battery needed and available to all - sketching is getting a major revival in our London streets.

Now, if you're thinking well I can't draw what would be the point - we will tell you what the point is. Sketching is not only therapeutic but it will help you to look a the world in a new light, clear your mind and the more you do it the better you get - promise.

So - with that in mind we want to mention Moleskine, who not only do brilliant sketch books to carry around with you for whenever you feel the urge to put pencil to paper, but also have a wonderful section on their website showing all the sketches that people have done using their notebooks and sketchbooks. If you need some inspiration this is the place to go to.


This - for example is Regents Canal by Paulina.


And this, the Cornish Pasty Shop by Paul Wenman.

We urge you to put down your phones and tablets when you're out and about or at home and have a go. It'll do wonders for your stress levels and we promise you, in no time at all will be the trendiest thing to be seen doing.