City_of_London_skyline_from_London_City_Hall_-_Oct_2008There are many reasons why London is a world class business destination - which should help us muddle through any further economic downturns times may bring.

Ask people across the globe to name the world's greatest cities, and one in particular will keep being mentioned: London. For centuries, it's forged an identity of its very own, and the streets of London aren't just paved with gold, they're paved with history. It's a city that's looking forward, not back, however, and that's why it has continued to experience real growth at a time when economies across the world have been going through a downturn. London today isn't just the preferred destination for many of the world's tourists, it's also a world class business destination. When you consider what it has to offer, that will come as no surprise.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

London has always been a city that loves to do business, and it continues to be so. Entrepreneurs from across the world travel to London to set up and run their businesses. The city of London itself is still enjoying rapid growth, and is one of the world's leading finance centres. Independent studies continually rank it above rivals such as New York, Hong Kong, and Frankfurt. It's not just established financial giants who love London, it's home to an increasing number of high technology innovators as well. The 'Silicon Roundabout' is putting London at the front of technological innovation.

Unbeatable Culture

Business people who visit London have easy access to everything they need, from sources of finance, to a highly skilled workforce, and entrepreneurs who are pushing the business boundaries. They'll also find, of course, a city that is culturally magnificent. From the Royal Opera House and the Royal Albert Hall, to the Tate Modern, the Tower of London, and Shakespeare's Globe, it has something for everyone, and there's so much to see and do. The city boasts over 200 museums and galleries, and many of them are free. That's just one reason why London is a great place to impress clients and potential clients.


Business leaders can fly to London from across the globe, so it's a perfect choice for an international conference. There's a huge choice of business venues and conference centres, so you're sure to be able to find something that matches your needs perfectly. There are more than 2,500 hotels in the city, from legendary hotels such as the Ritz and the Savoy, to budget hotels that are set up with business in mind. Venue specialists such as Venue Search London have a wealth of experience in finding the perfect venues to hold conferences or do business in, and they can provide fantastic

Investments In Transport

London is easy to get to, and it's becoming increasingly easy to get around. The government and the Mayor's office have put the modernising of London at the heart of their plans. Rail systems are being built, expanded, and speeded up, and new tube trains are being commissioned for the London Underground. The centre of the city itself is surprisingly compact, so it's easy to walk from one venue to another, or simply hail a black cab.

London welcomes business people from all nations, and many of them return time and time again.