random impulse

We here at Who's Jack London love a bit of Random Impulse, so we were more than happy when Jovel agreed to give us a little insite into this top five favourite parts of London, and the places he can't live without. . . What could be better than this?

Random Impulses' latest single (video above) is due for release on June 3rd! Get watching, and grab a copy for yourself.

1. Konoha Studios - Finsbury Park
My own little home studio where I've recorded all of my demos. This studio has seen a good amount of talent come through the doors - from Tinie Tempah and Wiley to Ed Sheeran. I named the studio after a the village that one of my favourite anime characters 'Naruto Uzumaki'  lives in.  I couldn't go on without this place.

2. Yildiz restaurant - Blackstock Road
North London is renowned for it's Turkish cuisine, and Yidiz is one of the best Turkish barbecue places around! Every main dish comes with rice, THREE types of salad and bread. Lamb ribs are definitely the top dish! Add some fried kalamari and halloumi and you're on to a winner.

3. Forbidden Planet

The BEST place to get my anime fix, figurines, mangas, DVDs, it's all here! I remember getting my very first anime VHS from here, it was a twelve part series called  'guyver - bio booster armour.' I was about 11 and had to beg my dad for a full 20 minutes.

4. Clissold Park
Guitar practice is a LOT less frustrating when you're surrounded by beautiful greenery. Growing up this was my local park, so there's tons of memories here, this was where I had my first propper kiss too haha. They've even got goats, deer and tropical birds up in there!

5. Metropolis Studios
My first time in a proper fully kitted out studio, and where I've recently recorded my debut album. While i learned just how much more goes into making a song complete as opposed to just banging out a demo in my home studio. I also met some really awesome people here like Jimmy Paige and Rihanna. That was an amazing experience and I'll never forget that place.