CarteNoireFilmCollection [1][1]This summer, luxury French coffee brand CARTE NOIRE, has announced an exclusive film festival, in partnership with Everyman Cinemas, inviting you on an intense journey through contemporary French cinema – launching with a Cannes-inspired premiere event celebrating the glamour of film, right in the heart of London.

Each film featured has been specially curated to take the audience on an emotional and intense journey, through contemporary European cinema and culture, with each film having a suitably French twist.

Guests at the red carpet premiere event in May will also enjoy the official unveiling of CARTE NOIRE ‘S new brand film. Directed by talented director Jamie Muir, who has a passion for emotive story telling, the film tells the story of an intense life seen through the eyes of a young Parisian woman reveling in her city, literature, coffee and romance. Entitled, ‘Le Baiser,’ the film ultimately tells the story of a kiss.

To follow, the second in the series of screenings, ‘The Connection’, inspired by events of the French Connection in 1970’s France, will take place on Thursday 28th May at Everyman, Canary Wharf.  More screenings are expected to roll-out in partnership with Everyman Cinemas over the summer.

Jana Kucerova, Brand Manager CARTE NOIRE: “CARTE NOIRE inspires consumers to live life with passion and intensity throughout every aspect of their lives, right down to the coffee they choose to drink.

“With CARTE NOIRE’S links to the world of film, there truly is no better way to explore the power of emotion than through contemporary French cinema. We can’t wait to welcome guests to our special screenings at Everyman Cinemas throughout the summer.”

For more information, or to sign up for tickets to the ‘CARTE NOIRE Film Collection: Tales of Pure Emotion’ visit