damien hirst verity statue for devonWe've all heard of the Angel of the North and now Damien Hirst is planning to leave a similar mark on the South of England.

Hirst is currently in the throws of trying to decide here his statue of a naked pregnant lady dubbed Verity will be moved to and according to reports today he'd like it to find a new home on the Devon coast line.

Hirst has never been one to do things by halves, from pickling a shark to happily admitting he gets more than a little help from his assistants with his paintings and so we guess it makes sense that he'd want the controversial statue somewhere that will make an impact.

Apparently Hirst has already been in touch with the decision makers in the Devon area and is currently awaiting a decision about whether they'll allow the statue to be moved there. On one hand the Devon coast is a tourist hot spot so the work would be seen by thousands of people each year however on the other hand it's a very family-friendly area and wether or not the statue is appropriate has yet to be decided on.