Horse meatAfter the Tesco horse meat scandal a weird thing has happened. There are some people, and we're not sure who they are exactly, that have become very curious when it comes to horse meat.

This group of people are likely to be annoyed if their horse burger is contaminated with beef.

We still think there is an odd stigma attached to horse meat even though it is not illegal to serve it in the UK and even though it is a meat that is actually very good for you - being low in cholesterol and high in omega 3 and iron.

We're not sure what it is, we would say it's down to horses being kept as pets but then so are rabbits, or that horses are more intelligent possibly and as humans we are less likely to eat something if we feel it has intellect- however a 2005 study proved that cows are, in fact, moody and feel pain, anxiety, and fear, and are intensely sexual.

One of Yahoo's (voted) best answers to someone looking for horse on the menu in the UK was :

"its disgusting and its murder because horse meat isn't a traditional British meat or anything, people normally use the phrase of 'stupid animal' to convince themselves it is okay to eat cow, chicken, pig meat but horses are PROVED to be clever, so it is in fact murder and people can get arrested for keeping horses that are starved and things"

Which kind of says more about the person than the logic behind whether eating horse is right or wrong.

A NY restaurant that opened up towards the end of last year put raw horse meat on their menu with the manager's quote doing much to confirm that this might turn into a shock fad meat -

"Manager Aidan O'Neal told the New York Post the meat would be imported from Canada and he expected New Yorkers to be "ready" for the dish. "I think New York diners are very open to eating other things," he said. They won't be able to miss it. According to Grubstreet, the horse meat will be on display in a glass sushi case and there will be a "hand grinder inside covered with meat.""

Whatever the reasons, we're not sure we would go for horse if it were on a London menu however there are some places to go to if you feel differently and curiosity gets the better of you.

Flogging A Dead Horse is a pop up restaurant for people that want to try horse meat but would be embarrassed to order it. Their last dinner was in November 2012 and they are no doubt thanking their lucky stars that Tesco helped them out. If you are interested you can email to find out when the next horse meal is.

Or if you want to try it at home, like many others seem to want to do, you can order horse meat from Exotic Meats who charge £2.95 for two horse burgers, which they have pledged 'will not be contaminated by beef'.

The Scottish exotic meat company also sells horse steaks, rump roast, sausages and meatballs, they have seen sales rocket by 200 per cent in a week after the Tesco escapade.

Question is, if you ate it - would you admit to it?