Last night we got our gladrags on and headed to Stoke Newington, to the Three Crowns, a pub which houses The Waiting Room - a venue which has seen multiple shows from exciting emerging acts. With this in mind, we were excited. A-L-X has been making the kind of woozy POP you dream of hearing; the perfect blend between tasteful Bieber and Cyril Hahn. He didn't disappoint.


Here are 5 things we learnt from the show.

1. A-L-X is cute, really cute. His photos don't do him justice, and he will flood the hearts of teenage girls across the land.
2. His voice is unbreakable. The pure tone and quality to this guy's vocal is unrivalled at the moment - we didn't hear one fault. The Scottish accent creates an added twang for his spoken-word-esque moments, also.
3. A-L-X treated us to material both old and new, exciting the fans by building the tension; beginning with his new lesser known sounds and escalating into a show which had everyone dancing and moving.
4. A-L-X is Scottish. We've already touched on this; but this accent shows, and we love an accent in a vocal - creating something truly unique.
5. A-L-X has a Zealander face. This face comes out when he's finished singing with that unbreakable timbre, and is gazing into the audience. It's both humorous and brilliant. A personalty trait that we're keeping an eye on as his fame grows.

Check out A-L-X's latest below: