Brooklyn based Jordanian born artist King Deco fuses indie pop and elements of her Middle Eastern background to create music that's truly global in scope.

After releasing her empowering anthem "Read My Lips" earlier this fall, King Deco fully welcomes listeners into the Decosphere with visuals for the track. Co-directed by the singer and Aaron Dean, the video is a swirling kaleidoscope of colors, vivid imagery and interloping scenes that embody King Deco's world.

"I grew up in Jordan, a small monarchy in the middle of a desert, with remnants of the Roman Empire sprinkled throughout the country," Deco says about the video. "It's left me fascinated with the aesthetics of ancient empires, so I tried to express that in the 'RML' video through textures and architecture that convey regality. There are also a lot of underwater landscapes and aquatic tones, reflections of the fact that Jordan endured a severe drought while I was growing up. While spiralling through different age-old empires and water worlds, I also filled the video with hidden quotes and subtle references to famous art pieces that speak to some of the larger themes running through my music: themes of empowerment, strong women and the idea of breaking free."