Lady Gaga's latest album is kind of OK; built for the club more than to replicated the pop-based catchiness of her earlier works. But this shift in focus hasn't dampened her artistic bent, as you'll see in the new 11 minute long music video she's released for the single "G.U.Y.". Although admittedly the actual video lasts 7 and half minutes, with the rest of the runtime made up of closing credits.

It's quite different from her other extended video projects, such as the Tarantino-esque Telephone, but whatever you think of the song itself it's hard not to get caught up in the entertaining pageantry of the whole thing. Watch out for unexpected cameos and bodily exposure on a level that isn't unusual for Gaga.

The song dabbles in subverting traditional gender stereotypes. Or rather, inverting them. Which isn't quite as radical. But the video does feature nods to Lego and Minecraft, which are a little more left of field.

We enjoyed the video for G.U.Y. but we're still finding it hard to shake memories of Lil Jon's latest effort, which is on a different level of bonkers altogether.