littlesun-at-tate02Get ready to visit the Tate Modern like you've never visited it before - in pitch blackness.

The iconic London art museum has decided that the best possible way to appreciate the art it has on show is by torchlight. The more experimental of the two Tates will be hosting a series of 'blackouts' where visitors can explore the museum via torchlight.

Let's hope they didn't just get a huge electricity bill and have no decided to cut back a little with a clever PR spin.

The Tate Modern Blackouts will be part of the London 2012 Festival and the artist behind it all is Scandinavian born Olafur Eliasson.

Olafur has created a portable solar-powered lamp, in the shape of the sun which on Saturday nights will light up the Tate's Surrealist galleries for 500 visitors

This lamp has been given the name the Little Sun and has given light to millions of people in China where it has been mass produced.

"The Little Sun transforms the light that is for all of us into light that is for each of us".

The blackouts to highlight the Little Sun will happen over 4 weeks from 28th July. The blackout will last for 2 hours and all the lights will go out at the former power station plunging the audience into darkness and no doubt creating a health and saftey nightmare.

The blackouts will be free with the purchase of your own LIttle Sun for £16.50.

The idea was born from the famous International Surrealist Exhibition in Paris by Man Ray in 1938. Visitors were supplied with torches to explore the Galerie des Beaux-Arts.