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Finding somewhere in Soho which doesn’t cripple your budget or leave you hankering after a MacDonald’s on the way home is a life-long mission of mine and Vapiano on Wardour Street achieves exactly this feat, moving it onto my recommended places for when you next find yourself in the area.

It's the fourth branch in London of the German chain which is a kind of modern take on fast food. You choose your food, go up to a long counter and order it and then wait (or watch) it be prepared and cooked right in front of you.

The difference is that the food is also pretty decent. It’s nothing too fancy but it is comforting, delicious, inventive and extremely reasonable.

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The restaurant serves Italian food but i's more exciting than your usual pizza pasta with fresh, colourful ingredients used in well-presented and tasty dishes.

Another excellent benefit if you’re going in a group – each diner is given a card which their order is added to, saving the inevitable annoying end-to-all-group-meals when working out the bill (to that person who always leaves us short we know who you are and we hate you).

All-in-all Vapiano is an easy, laid-back venue for fast food with a difference – it’s delicious, inventive, and cheap, something to shout loudly about.