TeamSport action

The WJ London team were invited down to the brand new TeamSport Go-Kart track in Docklands for some competitive racing, how did we get on?…

Well, our team who mostly don't even have drivers licences let alone cars was put against The Sun newspaper's Motorsport staff, a team of car enthusiasts who could tell you more about the latest Aston Martin than I could tell you about myself. Who also, just happen to share tabloid pages with the one and only Jeremy Clarkson. Surely we had no chance?

Wrong, we won. Yes really. Contributors Mitchell and Kwesi grabbed the WJ team 1st & 3rd place on the podium. How? You ask. Well maybe years of Gran Tourismo do pay off? Or maybe it was thanks to the tips from TeamSport's special guest for the launch event, Perry McCarthy aka the original Stig who, let's face it, knows a little more about racing than Jeremy Clarkson 😉

But enough about us and our amazing tekkers, let us tell you more about the venue and its 800 meter accelerator happy track.

TeamSport are notorious for their amazing indoor Karting, with 12 tracks all over the UK such as the giant 1,000 meter 3 level beast in Warrington or the split level track with its electric powered Karts at Tower Bridge. And it's safe to say the newly acquired and revamped Docklands venue formerly known as The Raceway Docklands does nothing but add to this solid reputation.

TeamSport reception

Upon entering the luxury facilities, which are a brief 10min drive from London's O2 Arena, we were swiftly registered, kitted up and debriefed before heading out onto the track for qualifying laps. Your Qualifying times are shown on several screens during your break before the main race were you can also get some refreshing water, juice etc or enjoy a quick warm up session on the racing arcade machine.

Kart numbers are assigned on said screens and then you head out into your 270cc LPG Kart and line up F1 style in your pole position and await the five red lights to go off before pushing yourself to the limit in an all out Karting speedfest as spectators watch from the viewing area. What happens during said race is down to your own personal experience and is one I highly recommend you pursue as soon as possible with a group of friends.

After our Team's victory we wanted to celebrate and laugh at each others printed lap times and luckily TeamSport's Docklands venue also accommodates post race fun also. Drinks can be had after your victory in the inspiring posh F1 themed Bar where you can order your usual premium beers, spirits, wine or Champagne while eating some pretty impressive stone baked Pizzas, Bruschettas or Baguettes.

Perry McCarty (who can be booked for corporate races via TeamSport) came over to congratulate the winners and generously gave us all a signed copy of his brand new book 'Flat Out Flat Broke' as a memorable token from the day before the venue dropped us back to North Greenwich station thanks to its large drop off/pick up van service.


The experience was amazing and it is now available for all to try as the venue is open to the public. Prices range depending on what it is exactly you want to do and stag/corporate events can be tailor made by TeamSports friendly head office staff so do get in touch if you want something a little unique. Lap times for the venue have been set by The Stig and others such as our team (Kwesi gaining the fastest of our team at 42.00 seconds) so head down asap and see how you would fair.

I just want to add that I personally didn't do as well as I did in our previous trip to Lets Race's F1 Simulator despite having a number of valid reasons such as suffering from a cold, lack of sleep, a little to large, lack of Stig skills, no mario kart bananas, lack of nitro boost, weetabix etc just so you know incase you see me there when you go, I'll be ready this time.

Please note all races must be booked in advance, and keep an eye out for special offers always appearing on the website.



Number: 0844 998 0000