Britney & Justin Denim

Light, dark, ripped, dyed, two-tone – what is it? Of course the summer trend of denim has made its way back to the shops.
Every year there are a few trends that seem to make a recurring appearance and denim is one of them. The shops are littered with denim jackets, dungarees, and dresses. It fits with the current obsession with the 90s. Think JT and Britney in head-to-toe denim. Well maybe not quite that bad. But it’s definitely back in a big way.
So, how to handle this trend? Brave enough for dungarees?

In case you are still lost, here is the denim trend broken down:

Boyfriend denim
The boyfriend fit never really went away. However, the balance of good boyfriend jeans is jeans baggy enough to allow an extra slice of cake but not to fit another person in them.

Ripped denim
Whether you customise your own or buy them ripped ensure there is more denim than ripped. Oh and that the rips are in right place.

Denim jackets
Cropped, tie dyed, baggy fit - there is a trend for everyone. The key is to make sure it works with your personal wardrobe.

Here are some general rules to follow when shopping:
1. Work out a budget
2. Chose casual or smart denim, not both
3. Take a picture of yourself. Pictures don’t tend to lie (minus the instagram effects)

Happy denim shopping - just make sure you don’t look like JT and Britney’s denim offspring and you will be fine.

Natalie Chow