Finding your individual style can be difficult; with so much choice out there when it comes to men’s streetwear, where are you supposed to start? Streetwear has become a popular choice for many, thanks to its casual style and easy-to-wear designs. The clothing speaks for itself, through unique prints and statement detailing.

However, many critics of streetwear have claimed that it’s become too “mainstream”, prompting people to delve further to look for individual designs to make their own. So, if you’re hoping to build a streetwear wardrobe for yourself, here are some unique styles to keep an eye out for.

Graphic tees
T-shirts are as versatile and important as a pair of jeans when it comes to everyday style. It’s easy to reach out for a plain, block colour t-shirt to throw on for your go-to style, but think outside the box a little when it comes to men’s streetwear. Graphic tees are a perfect choice for adding detail to your outfit. Often embellished with unique prints and designed in flattering silhouettes, graphic tees can enhance even the simplest of outfits. Simply wear with a pair of jeans, trainers and throw on a hoodie and you’re good to go.

Distressed jeans
Streetwear styles are defined by a few key designs, one of which includes distressed jeans. Characterised by ripped knees and other grazed patches up and down the leg, distressed jeans are a crucial part of achieving a streetwear look. Opt for black jeans for an easy-to-wear style; they can also be worn with so many different things in your wardrobe. From the above graphic tees, to a check shirt or
even a short sleeve shirt, distressed jeans are a staple of your streetwear style.

Tracksuits with a matching hoodie and joggers is the perfect off-duty streetwear look. Often designed in neutral colours like grey or black, look for tracksuits in seasonal colours too; for AW18, look for dark green, burgundy or even navy. Streetwear-inspired tracksuits usually display subtle branding, and you’ll usually find a logo on the leg or chest. To take it up a notch, look for cut-off sweats, raw hems on the hoodie and ribbed panels and cuffs around the knees and ankles of the joggers. Making a statement in a much subtler manner, a tracksuit will become your go-to for the winter months.

Find your niche
When it comes to choosing your own streetwear style, look for something that has a unique approach. Rock and religion are becoming interesting concepts to mix with fashion, offering a different way of styling garments like t-shirts, hoodies and shirts. Look for influences from these cultural symbols, including motifs and quotes to create a unique outfit.

By finding your own personal style within the streetwear trend, you can stand out from the crowd and continue to build your own collection of carefully-chosen clothing.