What's up, internet fans? Here's our weekly selection of the 10 most interesting things we've encountered in our online travels this week. Or in some cases remembered from the past and deemed worthy of a re-share.

1) This gif of someone rocking out during a sweet sax solo

2) Louis C.K. getting to the bottom of the ice fishing story he tells in American Hustle

3) Watch a boy become a man, and then become a boy again, as he lip synchs to Don't Stop Me Now over the course of 3 years. (Although interesting, it's also endearingly rubbish)

4) This cringe-worthy video of Transformers director Michael Bay fluffing his appearance at Samsung's CES 2014 conference. Zoinks!

5) This apt parody of social media nonsense created to promote Muppets Most Wanted. The last quote is particularly excellent.

6) This classic parody ad from YouTube that still has us in stitches after almost five years. (NSFW)

7) This site, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, featuring videos of Jerry Seinfeld interviewing various comedians while driving classic cars and drinking coffee (not simultaneously). The third season of star encounters has just begun.
Comedians in Cars getting Coffee

8) This very drunk, shirtless young man on a bridge. (clearly NSFW)

9) Definitely not the 'best' thing on the internet this week, but certainly the weirdest. BNP leader and bankrupt racist Nick Griffin presents a pseudo-cooking show. Probably don't watch the whole thing, as its over half an hour long, unless you're some sort of masochist.

10) This puppy that is saddened at the thought of Nick Griffin.