1) This beat-boxing 1 year old girl. Timing is everything.

2) This video of New York City in 1990. Almost a quarter of a century ago, time fans.

3) This gif of Pop Tarts being made. Mesmerising and delicious.

4) This montage of the biggest bloopers from BBC News. A surprising amount of crazy camerawork.

5) This compilation of the ultimate fails from throughout 2013. Get past the lame bikini-based opener and it gets much better.

6) This huge Yoshi made out of Lego.

7) This mockumentary about a furious butcher.

8) Have you seen Disney's Frozen? Here's how they made the snow look so realistic.

9) Hey look, Miley Cyrus has a new music video. And it's a little risqué! She rolls about in bed and has a wank in a bath. Looks like the budget was a little smaller than for Wrecking Ball.

10) This mash-up meme gif to remind you that keeping a New Year's resolution related to exercise is no bad thing.