You’re only ever a quick Google search away from the world’s most unpleasant and comprehensive repository of filth, so seeing a stranger’s junk isn’t as shocking as it used to be. But if that junk is attached to a famous actor and they’ve whacked it out in the line of duty, then even the most jaded web user will be impressed.

Here are 10 movies, in no particular order, which are defined by full frontal nudity.

Bad Lieutenant – Harvey Keitel

It’s difficult to find a movie in which Mr Keitel doesn’t show us his dong, but this is a particularly memorable example. Bad Lieutenant is also a masterpiece of the sad-core genre, which we've just invented.

Eastern Promises – Viggo Mortensen

Willies are funny enough when they aren’t moving, but as soon as you implement complete nakedness into a brutal fight sequence, things get unbearably amusing.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Jason Segel

Don’t want your significant other to break up with you? Why not follow the tactics of Jason Segel’s character in this enjoyable, if long, comedy and flap your privates about to distract them.

Monster’s Ball – Halle Berry

Berry famously received half a million dollars to get her baps out in Swordfish, but Monster’s Ball is a much classier, more explicit affair.

American Gigolo – Richard Gere

After the release of this movie in 1980, millions of young men were encouraged to hilariously repeat the confident, nude stroll of Gere’s character, leading to lots of cases of window-based indecent exposure. That’s a lie, obviously, but a believable one that reflects the impact that this scene had.

Shame – Michael Fassbender

Everyone was very impressed with the size of Fassbender’s penis when it first reared its head in Steve McQueen’s study of sex addiction. The international media interest was probably caused because the proportions of his package are completely superfluous to his job, like if a lawyer was also the world’s strongest man.

American Pie: The Reunion – Jason Biggs

No one thought that this American Pie re-hashing would hold any real surprises, but Biggs managed to exceed expectations with the simple act of mashing his cock and balls against his leg using a see-through saucepan lid.

Ask The Dust – Salma Hayek

She may have revealed her curvier assets in earlier movies, but it wasn’t until 2006 that Hayek decided to risk a full frontal scene, this time while playing opposite Colin Farrell, for some reason.

The Reader – Kate Winslet

We’ve all fantasised about teaching a young German lad how to make love in a bath, but only Kate Winslet has truly lived it, albeit vicariously through a film. Shame about her character being a Nazi.

The Devil’s Advocate – Charlize Theron

She was only a youngster when appearing alongside Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate, but Theron didn’t hold back when her character was under demonic influence.