Gravity review
We've shown you our least favourite movies of the year. But what about the best?

10) Side Effects

This intricate and enjoyably trashy thriller from Steven Soderbergh has a stellar cast and owes quite a bit to some of Hitchcock’s most famous films, which makes it a novelty in 2013 and well worth watching as a result.

9) Rush

Ron Howard’s big, bolshy movie about the dangerous days of Formula 1 managed to make motorsport interesting with its tale of charismatic rivals.

8) Iron Man 3

This is not only the best Iron Man movie, but also the most satisfying stand-alone superhero film for some time. Shane Black’s deft handling of the action helps to keep things on a manageable scale, and the cracking dialogue makes Tony Stark even more loveably erratic.

7)  Only God Forgives

This movie divided audiences, with many maligning its meaninglessness and brutality. But it’s also blessed with formal beauty and a plot which feels Shakespearian.

6) A Hijacking

Forget Captain Phillips. This is the movie about a freight ship hijacked by Somali pirates that you need to see. As tense as it is realistic.

5) The Place Beyond the Pines

A three act examination of paternal ethics and masculinity, all jazzed up with a bit of crime and violence. Intellectually stimulating and viscerally satisfying in equal measure.

4) Stoker

Korean director Park Chan-wook takes his first American film in a dark and disturbing direction, mixing unforgettable imagery with a troubling tale of an affluent family that has to deal with the return of an estranged and deranged uncle. An aesthetic dream.

3) Upstream Color

Shane Carruth’s weird and wonderful sci-fi is enigmatic and often beautiful, and its sparse dialogue encourages the audience to explore its world without the usual narrative hand-holding associated with mainstream movies.

2) Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino returns to form with this wonderful Western. The dialogue is characteristically clever and engaging, but it’s the film’s surprising emotional depth and seminal performances which stand out.

1) Gravity

Gravity is a cinematic event which combines unforgettable visuals with an expertly constructed soundtrack in such a compelling package that it’s enough to make even the most hardened sceptic fall in love with Hollywood again. Even the generic characters and improbable plot aren’t enough to diminish the experience.