Wether it's New Year or Christmas that you want to celebrate we're suggesting you do it at home this year. It makes the most sense and with the amazing selection of people around to help you in London you'll have the best time.

Firstly you'll need music, Sony has a great selection of speakers for the occasion to suit any size flat or house. From the small portable SRS-X11 to the MHC-V7D, there is a speaker to suit any sized party.

If you really want to go all out splash some cash or maybe group together with your housemates then you want the MHC-V7D


The best parties need a big sound system. The MHC-V7D delivers soul-shaking bass from a vertical, space-saving box design. Throw club-style illuminations on your ceiling or wall and use fun and easy gesture control to turn up the volume, skip the next track and experiment with DJ effects. An ideal gift for the wannabee DJ in your life who loves to entertain.

-          New Sound Pressure Horn for powerful bass you can feel

-          Fun and intuitive handling with Gesture Control

-          LED light display and DJ effects creates a party atmosphere

-          Control the music and party features with the Fiestable app

They are pretty special -more info.

Price: £479.00

Or for mid-range volume that won't get you kicked out of your rented abode grab the SRS-X33 –


Thanks to a portable, lightweight design, it’s simple to stream music wherever you are with the SRS-X33 wireless speaker. With 12 hours  of power you can keep the music going indoors or out, whether you’re at the park or a party.

-          DSEE upscaling restores quality of compressed files, meaning you won’t lose out when listening through streaming services

-          S-Master digital amplifier for pure sound quality

-          Great-sounding music with ClearAudio+

-          Up to 12 hours of battery life

More info 

Price: £129.00

Once that's started you'll need something to toast your visitors. Premier Estates Wine have just launched their Prosecco Mini’s, only £2.99 a bottle from local corner shops or £60 online for a case of 24 – these are very cute and can be drunk with just a straw or given out individually with glasses. They are a lovely light bubbly option to start your night.

Alternatively or additionally the Prosecco could be used to make these sparkling jelly shots! http://bit.ly/1OwOy8A.



Then you'll need food - we're going to say go festive. Get a festive doughnut delivery from DumDum Doughnuts in Shoreditch . Snow man doughnuts, angry reindeer doughnuts and more! All with custard fillings or chocolately custard fillings and all delicious!

You can either be smug and pretend you made them yourself, or you could be smug that you did know baking and were clever enough to find such cool party food.


Now we're really getting the party started it's time to bring out the Ice Luge from Ice Box.


There are a number of designs from The Ice Box and if you send a logo or some text this can be included on the base of the luge! They start at around £140 and really bring a party together. Also, they may be called vodka luges but you can pour any chosen drink through - Bailey's works particularly well.

In a lovely festive spirited addition The Ice Box has offered WJ readers a 10% discount with the code WJVL16, it's valid until 31.03.16 so get your luge on.

Once you've had a few drinks why not get a little creative?

Sharpie and Paper Mate have a great range of colourful pens to customise your Christmas. They write on everything and anything - you can personalize your own baubles, bunting, Christmas decorations and even Wine glasses! Paper Mate now have erasable gel pens, gone are the Christmas card typo days!