2015_05_03_ARABICA_Lebanese_Wine_6831On August Bank Holiday Sunday (28thAugust), Arabica Bar & Kitchen, one Borough Market’s most exciting venues, will be hosting its first introduction to wines of the Eastern Mediterranean, hosted and co-curated by Master of Wine Sarah Abbot and renowned wine writer, Michael Karam, to capture the spirit of the Eastern Mediterranean’s food and drink movement.

With its ancient peoples and proud traditions the Eastern Mediterranean is a crucible for historic culinary culture, capturing the imagination of foodies and wine lovers around the world. Not least because the vast majority of the colourful and exotic ingredients tick all our healthy-living boxes. The wines from this fascinating region are beginning to make as much waves as the food; Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon and Israel are all garnering international plaudits for their wines, made in many cases with exciting grape varieties that have been around for thousands of years but which are now being enjoyed by a new wave of consumers.

Arabica Bar & Kitchen wants to capture the spirit of this new food movement by offering an introduction to the most exciting flavours and taste sensations from this thrilling part of the world. During the event, guests will have the opportunity to try red, white, rose and sweet wines from Israel, Turkey, Cyprus and Crete and a Bekaa Butterfly cocktail made using ingredients from the Bekaa Valley in Eastern Lebanon, paired with a sprightly selection of summery Levantine inspired meze.

Sarah comments “I met James at a Kayra wines harvest tour in Istanbul last September. We bonded over chicken pudding, sheep’s heads and Turkish coffee (and wine!). He has an amazing passion and knowledge for the food and flavours of Turkish cooking and culture. We have been talking about doing an event together for a while - hopefully this will be the first of many!”

“I’m really thrilled to be back at Arabica with the wines,” says Michael: “The restaurant has stamped its authority on interpreting the traditional cuisine of Lebanon and Eastern Mediterranean and I believe it is the perfect venue to showcase the best wines coming out of this region.”

Arabica founder, James Walters, comments: “We are really happy to welcome Sarah and Michael to Arabica Bar & Kitchen to highlight the variety and quality of wines coming out of the Eastern Med. Michael and I spent time in Lebanon last summer exploring the awesome food and wine culture and I am really looking forward to sharing some of the Mediterranean’s best kept secrets with our customers.”