sherlock baker street front doorLiving in Notting Hill a good 7 years ago now I always remembered watching hordes of people pose infront of the blue door that was used in the filming of the popular Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts film Notting Hill. It would always prove a problem when you needed to walk down the side of the street and the number of of times you were stopped nearby to furnish people with directions to it was ridiculous.

Now it seems this is all moving to Baker Street as the now pretty famous Sherlock door is attracting fans from all over to have their pictures taken with it.

187 North Gower Street, London,  is awash with Sherlock cap wearing, picture taking fans. You might say, well that's the wrong address but of course it is the frontage that is used for the original address used which now has too much Sherlock-related signage to be used as a filming.

The real tenant of that address is Daniel Cosarca and he is less than impressed with the attention. He is even starting to get letters addressed to Mr Holmes through his front door!