London has loads of wonderful and free to view art but sometimes some slightly odd things show up.

Here is our run down of the wierdest sculptures in London, some still standing, some long gone. From the strange to the ugly to the just plan odd, there is a weird sculpture in London that will no doubt connect with each of us.

the-traffic-light-tree weird sculptures in London

The Traffic LIght Tree on Heron Quays Roundabout in Canary Wharf.

At night this sculpture lights up and flashed in random sequence. The Sculpture was erected by Peter Vivantin and is a tribute to the never-ending rhythm of the domestic, financial, and commercial activities. Though having a traffic light sculpture on a roundabout probably isn't the best idea.

The vomiting fountain London

The Vomiting Fountain

This man vomiting out water from a white head on a black "lava" body is on the South Bank next to the Jubillee footbridge.

Giant gold shotput

Giant Shotput in Kennington

This turned up just before the Olympics in Kennington along with a number of other strange sculptures surrounding the subject.

Skeleton Gymnast in the Olympic Village

This sculpture was placed in the Olympic village at the start of the games.

Olympic weird statue london

Huge Nose Sculpture

This huge nose popped up on London's Millennium Bridge this summer just gone. The 13ft nose was to commemorate 'The Great Stink' of 1958 during which time the smell of untreated human waste rising up from the river Thames was so strong in the summer that it led to an Act of Parliament being passed in a bid to clean up the capital.

Nose sculpture London

Strange Clouds in Camden.

These odd cloud statues were created for the cheap price of £40,000 last year in Goldington Crescent Gardens, Somers Town. The strange things were created in a bid to get school children involved in art and decide what the park should look like.

Clouds in camden strange London sculptures

Swimmer next to Tower Bridge

In 2007 this huge swimmer was installed next to Tower Bridge to mark the Olympics.

Swimmer in London for the Olympics

The Quantum Cloud

This is an early Anthony Gormley sculpture set near the O2. It was put in place to mark the new Millennium Dome build in 1999. At that the time of installation it was tallest sculpture in the UK . The sculpture was developed with fractal growth software, uses 5.5km of steel section and weighs nearly 50 tonnes.

quantum_cloud_front anthony gormley Londons strange statues

The Broad Family

This pretty odd sculpture, believe it or not, is of a family and their dog. It can be found on the Broadgate Estate in EC2 and was created by Xavier Corbero in 1988.

The Broad Family London's odd sculptures

The Brown Dog, Battersea Park

This poor ugly thing was created in 1985 by Nicola Hicks. It was put in place by the National Anti-Vivisection Society. However ugly it is for a good cause, it notes the suffering of laboratory animals worldwide and one dog in particular – operated on at  University College, London in 1903