Sailor Jerry's rum (a favourite drink of Jack's) celebrate ten years of tattoos, music and no nonsense with this video of unseen footage set to the 1979 punk anthem from The Misfits, Where Eagles Dare.

The drink has done a lot this year with gigs at festivals, events and backyard barbecues that have all further sparked new fans interest in the drink.

This short mash up of Sailor Jerry's fun really shows the ethos of the brand, including plenty of Sailor Jerry Mayhem along with WWII-era Honolulu material taken from the Hori Smoku documentary on the life and times of the legend himself – Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins. The 2 minute short was deemed good enough for the Misfits to happily allow their track to be used, the first time the band have let any of their music be used for anything commercially related. If that's not cool we're not sure what is.

Sailor Jerry's video, much like their rum is made the authentic way, blended with natural spices and originating from the father of old school tattooing, Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins was an innovator and a true independent whose work is still revered today.