Vintage LondonIf you get your nylons all in a twist over anything vintage they you're going to love a Rough Guide To Vintage London.

Written by Francis Ambler, Emily Bick, Samantha Cook, Nicholas Jones and Lara Kavanagh with Consultant-Editor Wayne Hemingway A Rough Guide To Vintage London is on pre order now at Amazon and will be released on the 1st May for £9.99.

Whether you're into fifties fashion or seventies furnishings, retro beauty parlours, Art Deco cafés or classic restaurants, The Rough Guide to Vintage London will show you where to find the very best of London's burgeoning vintage scene.

This book is an illustrated guide that casts a discerning eye over the entire city, from the East End hotspots of hyper-cool Hoxton and Shoreditch to the eccentric emporia of the West End. It highlights vintage buying, eating and drinking locations in each area, covering over 180 places to find the best bargains and the hippest hang-outs, as well as the pick of London's markets and the classiest vintage outlets north and south of the centre, all marked on full-colour maps.

The Lifestyle section covers a huge range of services now available to the vintage enthusiast including: where to hire (or buy) the ideal classic car, who can give you the perfect 1940s haircut, where to groove to timeless Northern Soul, or how to find a wedding dress like the one your nan wore. Venues, such as the amazing Wilton’s Music Hall, are also included, as are special events like the Blitz Party or the eccentric Chap Olympiad, plus those museums, hotels and lidos that might inspire the retro-minded.

Vintage London represents a different city to the one presented in our normal London guide. This is not the world of Harrods and Buckingham Palace but a parallel one: more fashion-conscious, cooler and with the East End, rather than the West End, at the centre of the action. So whatever your look or interest - blitz chic, beehive hairdo, forties screen idol, rockabilly, twenties flapper or Edwardian chap - The Rough Guide to Vintage London will help you discover a city that has vintage running through its arteries.