And about time too really, the polo neck get's a bad rap but worn right it can look classic and now, right on trend, and above all it keeps your neck warm without having to drag a scarf around the place.

There are a number of high street shops offering polo necks, totally unabashed by the stigma they have. Polo neck dresses, polo neck sleeveless tops and polo neck jumpers are filtering through the catwalk and vintage ranks to the Oxford Street High Street hangers.

The key to making a polo neck look good is to both keep it simple and to be sure you are not a man. Sorry guys but there will never be a day the polo neck comes back in for you.

Keep the polo neck short and don't gravitate towards a cowel neck as you'll just look like you're dressed in dated office wear.

Couple your polo neck dress with some creepers, your sleeveless polo neck crop top with some short denim shorts or a maxi skirt and your jumper with skinnys.

Katy Perry shows us how not to do it

katy perry in a polo neck

Rihanna, as she does with most things, makes it look good

Rihanna in a polo neck

Options currently in the shops are a black wool jumper polo neck at £45 from Topshop.

This option below from Bitching & Junkfood can be found both online and in Urban Outfitters, it's a great mix of an 80s look plus the polo for £40.00.

black velvet polo neck top

Cheap Monday also have a good relaxed grey option for £30 here.