If you've paid attention to UK's hip hop scene for the last decade, The Last Skeptik is a name you should be more than familiar with. The producer is gearing up for a new EP by the name of Revenge Is the Best Success, which will be out on November 20th.

Taken from the upcoming project is the new single above, which features rapper Dream McLean (another name you should have heard by now), as well as singer Matt Wills. The hazy instrumental comes equipment with a grooving bass line, intertwined with sweet violin notes and guitar notes, as well as some hard knocking drums. We also get some direct rhymes from Dream,"I was gonna send flowers to a broad, like a holiday florist/ either I forgot or I ain't bothered, I guess it's the latter, which is why my ex decided someone better should have her." Coupled with some smooth backing vocals from Caragh Campbell and TLS, "Tomorrow" sure has us ready for the new EP. Take a listen to the track above!

Words by Parth | @ThisThatNew