imgp1605We're all so God damn busy....

Running about, working, going to the gym, seeing friends, shopping, partying, more working, a bit of sleeping, travelling... there's very little time.

This is why it's always handy to get those little jobs taken off your hands to give you the odd half an hour - they all count!

This time - gift wrapping and furthmore gift wrapping of healthy presents. This should keep everyone happy and away from early 2017 colds.

In the spirit of giving, Abokado, London’s health focused destination for fresh, feel-great food, is launching a free gift-wrapping service in-store over the Christmas season.

Encouraging time-poor Londoners to kill two birds with one stone, the free gift-wrapping service allows customers to leisurely enjoy a healthy meal while their Christmas shopping is professionally looked after at no extra cost.

While the merry Abokado elves wrap, diners can nosh down on a signature Shwrap®, a delicious hybrid of sushi and wrap: a giant seaweed wrapped maki roll in a variety of enticing flavours such as Sweet Chilli Salmon & Fresh Dill, Chicken Teriyaki and Avocado & Ginger.

The capital is notoriously busy during the festive period, with the countdown to Christmas Day underway and stress levels on a high. As a brand built on the foundations of providing feel-great food on the go, Abokado has Londoners’ backs this year, providing another reason to feel good this holiday season.

The complimentary gift-wrapping service will be rolled out across three centrally located Abokado sites, Great Portland Street, Newman Street and St. John Street. With all participating stores positioned conveniently nearby popular shopping destinations, Abokado is the perfect destination to refuel whilst Christmas shopping.

Available in select stores on 8th December and 15th December from 2pm to 8pm.

Another festive initiative kicking off this Christmas is Abokado’s annual Charity Coffee Day. This fundraising initiative takes place at each of the business’ 29 sites, with all money raised from sales of coffee donated to St Mungo’s (, London's homeless charity.

Abokado Founder Mark Lilley, said “This is our eighth Charity Coffee Day in partnership with St Mungo’s Broadway and it continues to be a yearly highlight for our staff as well as our customers. St Mungo’s is a fantastic charity that provides a bed and support to more than 2,500 people a night. We are excited to be supporting such a worthy cause, particularly at Christmas time.” 

We’re pleased to be doing our bit by donating the proceeds from sales of London’s morning handcrafted coffee to a worthy cause!

The Charity Coffee Day fundraising will take place across all of Abokado’s 29 London sites on Friday, 16th December.


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