Victorias-Secret-Models-body-01Vogue has strangely become the first magazine to sign a 10 point code that promotes the welfare and health of models in the fashion industry.

Famed for using stick thin young girls to promote their featured brands the magazine has taken steps to helping an industry fraught with health problems and sometimes even abuse clean up it's act.

Whether the 10 point code will do a whole lot is yet to be seen. Designer brands have the majority of the power when it comes to which models will and won't be used, which looks will be promoted and working conditions of shoots/catwalks.

The new 10 point code of conduct focuses less on weight of models and more on working conditions for them. During Fashion Week for example girls are often expected to do show after casting after fitting after show and rarely do they get breaks in long days that can run from 7am till midnight.

The 10-point code has been drawn up by the models committee of Equity. It puts a working time limit down of 10 hours per day, confirms that suitable food will be provided and that there will be no nudity or semi nude shoots done without pre approval.

Also mentioned in the code are the inclusion of suitable breaks, transport, suitable temperatures for the clothes being modelled and prompt payment.

It states that no model should be asked to do anything “dangerous, degrading, unprofessional or demeaning”. It also means no models under the age of 16 can be used in photo shoots representing adult models.

This is all great but will no doubt have a few eyebrows raised by some who are asked to sign it. It also doesn't account for the pier pressure surrounding some shoots and brands - therefore this code may be agreed to but there will most likely be an unspoken rule that if Vogue for example is pulled up on it by a model, that model probably won't be shoot for them again.