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It is hard to believe Yungen is only 21 years old as his lyrical ability echoes a more mature and wiser sound intertwined with his wit and humour. This new project sees Yungen explore his own personality and relationships. Black sees the darker more mysterious side of his personality whilst Red shows his more personal and passionate side.  It is a very personal project and one that we can all relate to.
That's right, Yungen is releasing not one, but two projects on the 21st September, and insight into what he's been working on over the past year or so, whilst touring with the likes of Naughty Boy and performing alongside Emile Sande.  (No biggy.)
“I wanted to create 2 projects which represent me and show the stage I’m at as an artist in my career. For me, at the moment the fans are who have got me to where I am. I feel it’s a crucial time for them to fully understand who I am & where I’m trying to get to” - Yungen
You can get your pre-order of the project here:https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/project-black-red-deluxe/id909694441
In the mean time, check out the video above.