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The Book Club in Shoreditch is launching a new monthly cultural event series in a bid to educate millennials in everything that school Sex Ed missed out (i.e. most of the fun stuff!).

Jenna Mason, Arts and Culture Events programmer for The Book Club said:
It's been years since our generation had “the talk”. And even for those of us lucky enough to have had more than the cursory video or mechanical (and fairly awkward) biology lesson, so much is and was ignored, excluded or just not Show-And-Tell appropriate.’

‘In Sex Ed for Grown Ups, we’ll be covering subjects like pleasure positivity, LGBTQIA* issues, sex work, masculinity and BDSM - all presented by scientists, artists, historians and educators through talks, workshops, film and performance. Your sex life will thank you!’

Upcoming events:

Kissing, Cuddling, and Pegging Oh My: What millennial men get up to on a Friday night?

Date: Tuesday 21st February 2017, 7.15-11pm


From bromances to pegging, in this provocative talk sociologist Professor Eric Anderson will introduce his ‘Inclusive Masculinity Theory’ and explain how and why masculinities are softening among young men.  Whereas homosexuality was highly stigmatized in the 1980s, decreasing homophobia has made bisexuality more visible and socially legitimate today. And happily, research shows that most of today's young men understand that sexuality is complicated. Being less concerned about being thought gay among peers, this culture allows young men to show feminized masculinities and to be considerably less rigid in their approach to heterosexuality – whether that’s kissing and cuddling other males, enjoying their own anal sexual experiences or having stronger emotional relationships with their dude friends.

BDSM for Beginners

Date: Monday 13th March 2017, 7pm- 8.30pm


Curious about the world of BDSM but don’t quite know where to start? Join award winning professional Dominant, performance artist and sex educator Master Dominic for this introductory workshop in kink, and gain confidence in the BDSM essentials. Topics will include consent and negotiation, roles, types of play, equipment and more. Bring your questions, a notebook and an open mind! Fully clothed, open and inclusive. And have no fear - there will be no audience participation! All welcome, suitable for singles and couples/thruples+



Pleasure Positivity with Ladies Come First

Date: Tuesday 16 May 7:30pm – 9pm


With just a third of women experiencing orgasm during sex, it’s time to break the pleasure taboo and create more egalitarian sexual connections!

Sophie Holloway from Ladies Come First is here to fill the pleasure gap in sex education, particularly from a female perspective. In this talk, find out how a lack of information, deep rooted gender inequality and society’s shame around expressive female sexuality is standing between women and their pleasure, and unlock the tools to counteract this. Knowledge is Queen, so come and learn some basic principles and tricks to understand and increase pleasure. Through Sophie’s Guide to the Female Orgasm and some special take-home activities (cunnilingus and colouring-in, anyone?), find out what could happen if we brought female pleasure out of the shadows…

Restaurant: Merchants Tavern

One for meat lovers and cookery connoisseurs alike - learn how to sear the perfect sirloin or mould the perfect meatball from scratch...

The Merchants Tavern Annual 'Kitchen Counter Workshops' hosted by Angela Hartnett, head chef Neil Borthwick and friends are back for 2016.

This April, Angela, Neil and the infamous Lake District Farmers will be hosting a Butchery Worksop with a twist.

Taking place at the Merchant Tavern's iconic Kitchen Counter, the self titled workshop will offer guests the opportunity to learn how to make their favourite dishes from scratch (quite literally)

View More: http://charlottehu.pass.us/tavern

Be it beef ragu, the perfect sirloin stake or the humble yet delicious meatball; the esteemed panel of individuals will be stripping beef back to basics - presenting guests with the animal itself, demonstrating each individual cut and exactly how to butcher it, as well as teaching some award winning recipes using the most affordable and amenable cuts (so you can try this at home) As well as complimentary staple sauces - be it a classic bearnaise or rich red wine.

An absolute must for aspiring chefs, individuals interested in exploring new and exciting ways to cook meat or even as an early Father's Day gift.
This rare and unique workshop gives guests the opportunity to learn from the very best in the business.

NB: The workshop includes a meal and full Q&A session with the chefs and farmers.

Tickets cost £150 and are available to purchase here:


learn to design jewellery boxpark london

Join the Workbench Girls for an unmissable night of cocktails and creativity. Run by London jewellers Katie Woodward (Crux London) and Kirstie Maclaren, their sell-out craft nights are designed to make jewellery making fun, easy and affordable.

Carve your dream silver ring from jewellers wax and then let the girls transform your creation into solid silver, professionally polish and deliver within 2-3 weeks! gold options now available!

Wax width aprox 5mm. Gold and second rings payable on the night.

Tickets from £55 here.

Jurassic world terrarium workshop
Jurassic World hits the screens this summer and Good Empire is marking the epic release by hosting a workshop to create your own pre-historic terrarium… with mini dinosaurs included!

Imagine your own mini creation and head down to the Book Club on 18th May to bring it to life. A twist on traditional gardening, this workshop teaches you to master the art of layering and planting your own terrarium and how best to care for your new pre-historic world. Want to add a special little touch? Finish off by adding some miniature perspex dinosaurs to your terrene; you never know, you may find yourself running away from the dinosaurs if you water them a little too much!unnamed-7

FUN FACT: It’s the third international ‘Fascination of Plants Day 2015’ so what more complimentary way than to spend it with us.

All plants and materials are included – bring your own jar for £20, or we can provide one for £25.

“If there's one thing the history of evolution has taught us, it's that life will not be contained. Life breaks free, it expands to new territories, and crashes through barriers painfully, maybe even dangerously, but, uh, well, there it is”.

The Book Club
100 Leonard Street
London EC2A 4RH

Date: 18th May
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Price: £20 / £25 including jar
Ticket link: makegood.eventbrite.com

Feeling creative but don't know how best to get those juices flowing? Head down to Boxpark this month and you'll be sure to find a workshop that's right for you!

Tuesday 3rd March
7 - 9pm
Join Lizzie King at Boxpark on the first Tuesday of each month for ‘Get Rich or Tie-Dyeing’ - a tie dye masterclass where you will learn a range of tie-dye techniques including folding, pleating, dipping, crumpling & sealing to transform old clothes that have seen better days.
You can create anything from a trippy t-shirt, pillow case, baby-gro or jumper (white and 100% cotton work best) and turn something washed out into a psychedelic wonder. 
All dyeing materials will be provided, as well as the option to purchase a plain white t-shirt to dye. There will be gloves to protect your hands but make sure you don’t wear your Sunday best as accidents can happen.
Tickets are £12 with limited space available and available from Billetto
2 - 10 Bethnal Green Road
E1 6GY

Wednesday 4th March 
6 - 8.30pm
Join The Private Press at Boxpark for an evening of screen printing. This is an informal workshop where you will be encouraged and helped to create your very own screen print using the screens and ink provided.
You can try your hand at screen printing a 2 or 3 colour A4 print, and experiment with layering colours - we’ll have pre-exposed screens so you can focus on composition and pulling a print.
All materials will be provided, you don’t need to bring anything with you. Drop in at any time between 6 - 8.30pm, whenever is convenient for you (allow around half an hour to create your print). You will also have the opportunity to learn about screen printing process and find out more about The Private Press.
This workshop would best suit those who are new to the screen printing or those who are keen to have a go and take home their own print!
Tickets cost £10 you can get them from Billetto

Wednesday 11th March
7 - 10pm
Ever fancies learning the art of lino printing? Of course you have!
In this 3 hour workshop from Check Out My Print! you’ll learn hose to carve and print your own lino block. You’ll walk away with a set of prints (hello free and unique crafty gifts!) and a tote bag, which you’ll probably want to keep so you can show off your newfound printmaking skills to the world.
All materials included, just bring yourself and a snazzy A5 design of your choice.
Tickets cost £35 with limited space available, you can get them from Billetto
2 - 10 Bethnal Green Road
E1 6GY