The money you spend on your jobAccording to a recent survey the cost of having a job in London is estimated at costing the worker £3,561 a year.

These costs of having a job are made up of food, travel, childcare, equipment and of course the ever annoying smart clothes and the research has been done by Santander 123 World.

A depressing 12% of your disposable income is swallowed up by job costs it is estimated.

Although even though the train prices have gone up those who travel to work by train are saving more money than those who travel by car, a difference of over £100 a year.

There is also of course lunch whilst at work and the obligatory snacking which dents your pay packet by £410 a year, and there is an estimated further £142 spent on work calls not claimed on expenses. Further money, an average of £153 a year is spent on personal grooming, £83 into clothes and £77 on colleagues and clients.

So basically if you want to save money this year and come out around £900 better off forgo any snacking, go into work looking like shit, refuse to make any calls that are not on expenses or do your colleagues any favours when they have no change and ditch the car in favour of the train. There you go £900 up - no need to thank us!