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Calling all freelancers, hustlers, money makers and promotional warriors! Now is your time! We’ve just heard on the grapevine that a new website aimed at matching freelancers and small creative agencies with brands and companies is about to launch. PromoILO is it's name and we've heard it's taking on new freelancers ahead of a massive influx of new business.

The freelancing world can be tough, for the time you spend hunting down new clients, chasing down payments and setting up relationships you could have probably serviced an extra 5 people with wonderful work! We figure anything that makes it a little easier to find those sometimes elusive clients and jobs is relevant but something that makes it a WHOLE lot easier? Well…that’s something. But how about something that gives you $50 for the pleasure AND doesn’t take a commission on the work you pick up?

We’ll just give you a minute to pick up your jaw there… This is what it looks like-

Similar to other creative freelance websites like The Dots or Peopleperhour or YunoJuno it matches freelancers, mostly in the marketing and promotional fields with companies ready to spend the big bucks.

PromoILO however, is different in the sense that it’s linked directly to something called the ILO Exchange which means a lot of companies looking to promote their ILOs quickly and brilliantly. They are so certain of the amount of work available from this channel they are even committing to gifts of $50 for anyone that’s not got a job in the first three months after joining.

An ILO might be another concept you’re not yet aware of so to put it in a nutshell, it’s like a license that a company sells to up their awareness, raise capital and offer loyal customers royalty paybacks A proportion of any money raised through selling ILOs has to be spent on marketing and promotion, that’s the deal. And the site they come to to spend that money? PromoILO. So now you see the connection. Baring in mind an ILO can be for anything, products, companies, channels and more, there is a whole suite of marketing and promotional skills needed to push these companies and their products forward and that’s where you come in.

These ILO’s and PromoILO are all on the brink of launching with a wide-reaching and large collective of companies all in the wings ready to go. Each has a specific budget nibbed off to spend on promotion and marketing which my friends, is exactly why you want to get your little bottoms signed up there and signed up fast.

Shortly, we're told PromoILO will become a private platform making it far harder to join and meaning it will become a little black book of wonderful people like yourselves specifically put forward to ILO companies. You want your name in that book.

So – take advantage now and sign up whilst the doors are wide open. If you’re a marketer, copywriter, videographer, photographer, social expert, promotions strategist, PR, or any of the grey areas in between go take a look and go put your hat in the ring.

Find PromoILO’s $50 offer Ts & Cs here.


According to recent findings, a fifth of Londoners say they do not have one good friend and more than two thirds answered that they regularly feel lonely, with work-life balance blamed. One start-up that specialises in fun classes and experiences is asking the public to commit to ‘pulling a sickie’ on Friday 10th June and in doing so, make some friends throughout a day of weird and wonderful experiences at a secret location.

Bosses across the capital might be an employee or two shy on Friday the 10th June, as Lonely Londoners skive work to attend the ‘Pull a Sickie, Make More Friends’ day specifically being put on to highlight the lack of work-life balance, blamed in a survey for contributing to people feeling friendless and isolated, situations linked to an increased risk of strokes and coronary artery disease.

The study of 2,000 Londoners was commissioned by class and experience discovery site www.Wonderush.com in a bid to better understand the social lives of the public, and found that a fifth of people, 19%, say that they don’t have one person they’d define as a friend, while a quarter of people, 26%, said they haven’t made a friend since secondary school. More than two thirds, 64%, of respondents said that they regularly feel lonely.

Those happy to commit to a day off work can sign up to the day of fun classes and experiences including stand-up comedy lessons, cooking classes, a laughter ‘play’ shop and more here http://blog.wonderush.com/pull-sickie-make-friend-month/, where they’ll also find suggested excuses to use on the day. Thirty people chosen at random will be emailed with the secret location, to avoid bosses from finding out, and will also be met by a confidence expert that specialises in helping people manage their work and social lives.

The consequences of loneliness have been widely reported in the press over the last year, with a recent study published by Heart (1), discovering that loneliness and social isolation are linked to a 30% increased risk of having a stroke or developing coronary artery disease, the two leading causes of death for men and women.

When asked what contributed to their loneliness, a busy work schedule was cited as the main cause, with 65% stating they didn’t have the time to socialise as a result of their job. 42% said they felt that living in London contributed to their isolation.

When broken down, the age demographic most affected by loneliness according to the results are those between the ages of 25-34, with more than half, 54%, of respondents in that age group saying they regularly experienced the feeling. 34-45 year olds were the second-most affected at 43%, while those between the ages of 18-24 were the least affected, with 15% saying they felt lonely.

Nelson Sivalingam, founder of Wonderush, said:

“The recent news on loneliness being a serious social and health issue is only reinforced by the results of the survey we commissioned. It’s easy to focus on work and your career, only to find no time to enjoy the company of others – which is why we wanted to do something as drastic as give people an opportunity to pull a sickie to make more friends!

“If people feel like they would like to meet new people and make new friends, then our initiative will provide a fun and easy way for them to do so. It’s easier to talk to others and make friends while engaged in activities, and by encouraging people to skive work, we want to make the wider point that we all need to balance work with ensuring we have a life, too. Nobody on their death bed says they wish they would have spent more time at work.”

Has it really come to this? A lot of us eat our lunches at our desks but with our pens still in hand? Yep, it's true.

This invention will either greatly enhance your life or push you further into all work and no play territory.

These biro lids double up as knives and forks for those short on time to eat. The Dine Ink Pen Cap set comprises of knife, spoon and fork pen toppers which its makers, Fred and Friends, say are ‘perfect for on-the-go eating and note taking.’

If you like the idea of these handy pen lids you can find them on Amazon for £5.30 per pack of three.

We can imagine companies loving these and creating their own branded options. Before we  know it we'll be a world of no lunchers, just workers!

We all work too much don't we ? It's not just bosses expecting us to stay to complete work or stay to just get more work done, it's us too.

So today you will be glad to hear that there are no excuses - it's Go Home On Time day and that means leaving at your contracted time for all!  Go Home On Time Day is organised by Working Families.

Leon Clowes confirmed he was taking part and tweeted: ‘By hook or by crook I will be clocking off on time on #GoHomeOnTimeDay so I can pack to go on holiday tomorrow!’

At least now you can sit happy in the knowledge that by rights there should be no over time today!

Hoxton apartmentThe Apartment is a new space The Hoxton Hotel has unveiled  in collaboration with Soho House.

It's a brand new space for meetings, events and entertainment.

Designed by Soho House Group, The Apartment at The Hoxton hotel is an event space with the look and feel of a flat – complete with Pantry Kitchen, Library, Living Room, Study, Dining Room and Play Room. By day, its multi-use rooms can all host meetings, supported by free wi-fi, huge Samsung screens and break-out space in the kitchen area, where delegates are invited to ‘raid the larder’. At night, organisers can either book individual spaces or take the whole place exclusively and, while the homely interiors create a relaxed backdrop for all sorts of events (private dining with food from next-door Hoxton Grill is a strong suit) the most obvious theme here is the good old-fashioned house party. Summer events can spill out into the 80-capacity garden.

If you need to do some work, have a meeting or presentation and don't have a base in London this is ideal.

The Hoxton Hotel are always thinking up new ways to satisfy the needs of their guests and this is a great one.