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Fashion trends change so fast. Oscar Wilde said that 'A fashion is merely a form of ugliness so unbearable that we are compelled to alter it every six months.' We won't always agree with Wilde on the ugliness front but it is no secret that fashions do change every few months, and even though an item is something you thought was ideal two weeks ago suddenly itís something you feel you should never step out of the house in.

A prime example of this is some very on trend zebra print legging trousers I bought at the beginning of last year. For a week they were all I wanted to wear and I got jealous comments from most friends however after about two weeks they simply looked oh so very wrong. It is with this in mind that we are picking out the main trends to stick to and focus on for this entire year. As some do stay and can easily be your staples that you simply adapt throughout the year whether that be with colour, accessories or additional partnering. All you need to think about to see how right we are are skinny jeans and leggings, two things that 4/5 years ago no one would have been seen dead in but they have prevailed and are still showing no signs of leaving us. So weather you are looking for fall fashion trends, summer fashion trends or this winters fashion trends these will be your staples.

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A silk or chiff blouse will be your best friend for the next 12 months, trust us. Tucked into harem trousers, into long skirts, loose over tight jeans, open over baggy short combos. This will go with everything and look brilliant for months and months to come.

chiff shirt fashion trend

Pleated skirts, long, short, whatever (though we would suggest long). This trend will be around for an age because itís easy, no one will be scared by it and they are affordable. Plus they are really flattering on almost any frame. This one is in the sale at Zara for £14.99. Also see our shoot in our December issue to see a great American Apparel number.

pleat skirt fashion trend

A mid size, brown, manly belt is what you want to take you through the next year or so. This will go through the loops on all the new fitted trousers that are around (which are another stable BTW we just couldn't fit them all on one page), they will also go with the baggy short, long skirts and work to bring in a baggy blouse. They will also bring up to trend any dark coloured skinnies you may have when worn with a shorter T and rolled up bottoms. These are both from Topshop and will cost you £16.00.

brown belt fashion trendsbrown beltMENS

Trousers are bucking the trend a little this year helped by the imminent summer months and the success of women's harem trousers. The key things to remember here are that we are not talking huge swaths of material and NOT talking jeans - only trousers. Ideally you want them rolled up like you have just been to the beach but once it gets cold again this will no doubt transcend to the winter with cropped smart trousers that put socks on show. Why will this last? A lot of men with curvy legs have been counting the days till a more generous leg comes back into fashion. Asos have some great offerings.

mens trends baggy trousers

Shorts are always difficult, thereís not much choice- surfer shorts, short shorts, long shorts- all pretty terrible, the above will always be your most flattering bet. Trouser shorts have been around for about two summers now therefore technically they should be on almost everyone this summer, we've had time to get used to them. Coming in a variety of colours and lengths they will be a key piece that will match in with any old T or Shirt to make you look like you know what you're doing.

topman shorts trend

The mac is an ideal all rounder jacket. Perfect all year round as it is waterproof and rainproof, added layers can fit underneath for very cold days and it can be thrown on over a T-shirt for transitional spring to summer months. It also folds up very small so is perfect for festivals or general travelling. This option is from Burberry at My-Wardobe and will set you back about £360 - these are never in the sale and for two years they have looked great with almost any outfit. The ideal smart/cas. However if you think that is too much to spend on an item you really will wear for years to come then there are plenty of other options on the high street. Think Topman, Urban Outfitters, Asos.

fashion trends jacket

Fashion season is upon us again, starting with the boys. Who's Jack will be bringing you all the trends for AW/11 from Milan, Paris, New York and obviously extensive coverage of London Fashion Week next month.

Shades of yellow:

1. Burberry, 2. Jil Sander, 3. Alexander McQueen, 4. Costume National Homme, 5. Bottega Veneta


1. Neil Barrett, 2. Roberto Cavalli, 3. D & G, 4. John Richmond

Baggy tailoring:

1, Georgio Armarni, 2. Dolce & Gabbana, 3. Alexander McQueen, 4. Vivienne Westwood, 5. Z Zegna

Bold blue:

1. Burberry, 2. Versace, 3. Z Zegna


1, Roberto Cavalli, 2. Albino Deuxieme, 3. Dolce & Gabbana, 4. Jil Sander, 5. Gucci


1. Costume National Homme, 2. Dolce & Gabbana, 3. Iceberg, 4. Moschino

Shearling collars:

1. Salvatore Ferragamo, 2. Gucci, 3. Iceberg, 4. Alexander McQueen, 5. Frankie Morello

And for the brave... Shiny:

1. Prada, 2. Jil Sander