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Rickshaws to be banned from Londons west end

Have you ever had a ride in a rickshaw around central London? I made the mistake of taking a rickshaw when there were no cabs all the way back to camden - I felt pretty bad but I was assured that I was light compared to the three blokes the cyclist had in the back beforehand.

The ride was expensive, if novel and I am sure if I had been more sober I would have had a far numb-er bum and I didn't exactly feel safe.

They are still a pretty big piece of soho and the west end though so should they really be banned? Boris Johnson thinks so.

Boris has called for Rickshaws to be banned in the west end saying “Although there are a number of responsible pedicab companies, the fact is that these vehicles jam up the roads and consistently fail to ensure the safety of their passengers,”

An issue with the Rickshaws or Pedicabs as they are also called is that there are no real safety or price guidelines when it comes to owning or operating one.

One of the reasons Boris is now concentrating on this new law is that TfL figures showed there have been 365 arrests of pedicab drivers and seizures of their vehicles over the past year with 839 police warnings being issued for offences including dangerous riding, causing obstruction and cycling on a footway. Five drivers were arrested this month, including a man wanted for deportation.

What do you think? Should they be banned?

London Bus

For those people who don’t live on a tube line, or who frequently stay out past the last tube, London busses are a staple part of life.

However, Transport for London (TfL) is being urged to cut the number travelling through West London in an effort to reduce the amount of congestion in the area.

A 20% reduction has been called for by Councellor Ed Argar in vehicles driving in Oxford Street within the next five years, according to a report.

To save the West End from becoming an area over populated with cars and busses something needs to be done.

“This cannot mean displacing existing bus routes to surrounding residential streets, but thinking more innovatively about flexible ticketing and addressing the issue of nearly empty buses at off peak times,” he said.

How it’s going to happen has not been mentioned yet but for those who work in the area and rely on busses to get to and from home, it could be a bad sign.

Perhaps cutting down the number of cars in the area would be of more use, or improving the cycle lanes around London’s busiest streets.

Image: The London Bus Blog

vogue fashion night out

It was  huge success last year attracting a plethora of fashion favourites to the London shopping streets and now Vogues Fashion Night Out will soon be back.

On Thursday the 5th September the West End will come alight with pockets of fashion activity for all those that might not be able to get into fashion week and want to see a bit of the action as well as those that sit in the front seats.

Thirty stores in the Seven Dials area of Covent Garden will be getting involved with DJs late night parties, promotions  and complimentary food and drink and more as well as the  flagship Topshop at Oxford Circus which will be throwing a shopping party.

St Martin’s Courtyard will be hosting a pop up bar, where you can find free eye treatments and free cupcakes from  Jaeger as well as Mulberry on Bond Street which will be hosting games and food. There will also be  a black cab photo booth outside Dior on New Bond Street so get yourself in that and document your fashionable evening.

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Thursday 8 September - 5-9pm.