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hammersmith_apolloThe Apollo that has been closed for the last couple of months following the collapse of it's ceiling during a show is now due to re-open.

The theatre has been shut since the 19th December after the collapse of the ceiling injured approx 80 people. The theatre will now reopen on 26th of March. Those that had tickets for The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time can see it at the Gielgud Theatre when it resumes its run there on 24 June.



_1779690_odeoncinema_bbc300It may seem to be the best place to have a cinema but the plot of land which the large Odeon West End sits on might be offered up to someone else later today.

A decision is set to be made as to whether this cinema, one of Leicester Square's oldest, opened in 1930, will be knocked down. Plans are being put forward to replace the cinema with a ten storey block that will house a hotel, spa and a two screen cinema.

Odeon are said to support the plans and they will no doubt bring more jobs.

The developers said Odeon supported the plans and that jobs would be created.

The plans will be looked at and decided on by Westminster City Council.

voodoo vaultHave you been searching for a London speakeasy in the style of a New Orleans saloon? Well then your prayers have been answered - we give you Voodoo Vault.

Voodoo Vault is a New Orleans style speakeasy saloon - with a full live stage for music events. The styling is Mardi Gras and laid back, and it looks to provide the West End with a much needed new live music venue.

The venue has been put together by Nick Valentine (Cuckoo Club) and Mark Fuller (Embassy and Sanctum). It's about 200 capacity seated and music will vary from R&B, blues, funk - anything with a bit of soul to it.

You'll find the Voodoo Vaults underneath the Retro Feasts social diner at Embassy. The Voodoo Vault stage will play host to a solo singer with playback or up to a six-piece band depending on the night of the week; be it an early evening lounge set or later club PA.  DJ’s will take over from 11pm as the space effortlessly morphs into a club and the after party gets going.

Opening should be (all eventualities taken into account) on the 21st June.

The Creme Egg MojitoWe all love a Creme Egg come Easter and luckily Jewel Bar know this - they are giving you the chance to have a Creme Egg cocktail from them or make one in the comfort of your own home with the receipee below.

You'll need to let out your waistline a little more for these sweet drinks though, each one is a whooping 987 calories, thats almost half of a recommended daily intake before you start to look at alcohol units.

The Crème Egg Mojito is however, the ultimate Easter indulgence, it brings a whole new meaning to the famous Cadbury’s strapline ‘how will you eat yours?’

You can get the drink made up for you at Jewel bar in Piccadilly Circus over the Easter weekend. Jack Williams, Head Mixologist at Late Night London and the creator of the Crème Egg Mojito has generously shared the recipe.

Jack's tip : “Just bruise the mint sprig and put in the bottom of the glass with the rum and chocolate liqueur. Then add the sugar syrup and lime juice to the mix, add some crushed ice and smashed up chocolate egg and give it all a stir. Top with a little more crushed ice, dash of soda on top and serve with an oozey half of egg!”

You Will Need:

·         25ml Bacardi Superior

·         25ml Mozart chocolate liqueur

·         Sprig of mint

·         25ml sugar syrup

·         Dash of lime juice

·         Dash of soda

·         2 chocolate eggs

For cocktails like this and more from Late Night London's Head Mixologist Jack Williams, visit www.latenightlondon.co.uk or to try the Crème Egg Mojito, head to Jewel bar, 4-6 Glasshouse Street, Piccadilly Circus, London where the cocktail will be served all Easter weekend.

 Make your own Cadbury Creme Eggs.


Have you recently seen someone pick a ring up off the ground infront of you only to be offered it as good luck in exchange for some money (as it must be worth a bit)? Well if you have we hope you didn't fall for it - it's a con that's going around the West End and the people behind it are making a nice bit of money.

It generally goes like this -

Woman/man picks a ring up infront of you/beside you.

They ask if it's yours and you obviously say no (really you should say yes if this happens to you - call their bluf).

They say it's lucky and it must be worth a bit of money and show it to you.

You probably agree and smile and they then thrust it towards you and say that you should have it.

You decline as this is all a little odd and then (we suppose to make you feel less guilty about taking it) they hold out the ring and hold out their other hand for some sort of cash compensation.

Westminster council says Eastern European gangs are raking in hundreds of pounds a week from this scam, The Standard reported that one shop owner said he had seen at least 50 people in the space of a week who had been caught by the scam. This does beg the question as to why he wouldn't warn these poor people that he is watching..

But there you have it - you have been warned...