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Londoners should be used to noise- traffic and police sirens are pretty normal if you live in zones 1-4. But what happens when your usual baby sleep turns into turmoil and fretful nights?

With new research appearing that sleeping pills can up your risk of things like dementia by up to 50% it's time to try some other trusty techniques to get your sleep pattern back when it's messed up by stress in the workplace, noisy flatmates and neighbours or an over active brain.

For worry and stress related sleeping

You need to get thoughts out of your head to let your mind shut down and turn to sleep. Try keeping a note pad by your bed if worrying thoughts keep popping into your mind. Jot them down on the notepad and then let them go - they'll be there, ready and waiting for you in the morning to worry about then - when you can actually do something about them.

Alternatively keep a note book or post it pad by your desk if it's work stressing you out. Write everything down for the next day - things you need to do, things you need to think about, things you must avoid - then mentally close the door on those notes as well as your office - or if working at home - the lid of your laptop.

If you are a general worrier and it's life or a given situation that's making things tough then remind yourself that everything seems worse at night - for many reasons- it's dark, there are no distractions and you can't put anything into action are just a few. So tell yourself - out loud if needs be - that this won't seem nearly as bad in the morning and in the morning, after a decent nights sleep you can tackle it properly but for now there is nothing you can do therefore let the thoughts go.

For noise and general nuisance

unnamedThere is a great app called White Noise. This uses very little battery on your phone and plays continuos noise like rain or static or the sound of being on an aircraft. It is thought that having a continuous low level noise whilst you go to sleep and are asleep will stop your brain picking up on other, more unpredictable noise that would otherwise wake you up. Your new flatmate coming home at 5 in the morning with friends for example.

Earplugs! It seems so obvious doesn't it but earplugs are a Godsend. Many people avoid them because they think it's unsafe to wear earplugs whilst sleeping but so long as you get the right kind (that are safe for sleeping in as they are softer and have slightly less density that others) then you are fine and dandy and ready to have a peaceful, silent sleep!





For those that find it hard to turn off or be tired at all

It's all about routine. Get a bedtime routine. Whether that's getting into PJs and brushing your teeth before watching one final episode of a boxset or turning down covers and reading a chapter of a book or whatever you might like to do before bed - start doing it early and in a considered fashion rather than in a rush. It should begin to seep into your body that this is what happens when you are ready to shut down for the night and your brain should become more prepared as a result.

Also don't bring that ipad/phone/laptop to bed with you. Phones are forgiven for alarm clocks and White Noise apps but that's all. Looking at these screens stimulates your brain rather than allowing it to start to shut down. You also don't want to see a shitty email from work just before you are about to fall asleep - that can wait until tomorrow. It is generally advised that you should turn all screens and tech off at least half an hour before you plan to go to sleep.

Finally - exercise more - whether you start taking the steps instead of the lift, whether you get off the bus a couple of stops early or whether you join a new class - if you're not tired by the time bedtime comes around then you're not doing enough.


deep-tissue-massageUrban Massage is here to answer all your massage related needs.

An on-demand wellness service, delivering massages to homes, offices and hotels within 60 mins. Urban Massage is built on a strong tech base, where all their therapists have a GPS smartphone app enabling customers to be connected with the nearest, qualified and insured therapists within a few clicks.

Since launching in London (Feb 14), they've received investment from London’s leading investment fund (Passion Capital – Techcrunch http://tcrn.ch/1qczzW7), and are expanding rapidly across London and soon other UK cities.

So if your boss is feeling particularly nice this Friday maybe you'll get a few massages delivered to the office.

Doesn't hurt to ask now does it.


Pura Vida Social Club will launch at Fairground on Wednesday 16th July with the first in a series of monthly mid-week gatherings. Founded by Hugo Toland, Xochi Balfour and Dominic Cools-Lartigue, PVSC will provide a night of sensory exploration with spirit, substance and style, bringing together like minded people for an evening of food, music, craft and conversation for the mind, body and soul.

The launch event will feature, six sumptuous healthy dining dishes, both savoury and sweet curated by Xochi Balfour with The Detox Kitchen, Danielle Copperman from Model Mange Tout and Punch Foods alongside PVSC cocktails and drinks from juice experts Imbibery London.

PVSC School of mysteries presents “the cosmic vibration” exploring the wonder of resonance and cymatics with a sound bath performance, workshop and open discussion hosted by Lani Rocillo from Sound Being.

Music will be provided by South London producer and DJ Al Dobson Jr, who will be showcasing his brand new release on Izwid “Sounds from the Village Vol.1” recently cited by the Guardian, Boiler Room and Giles Peterson as one to watch, alongside a live acoustic performance by folk singer Tanya Wells.

PVSC will also be showcasing a selection of specially curated traditional and contemporary crafts, featuring talisman workshops, mandala painting and special guests and Wool & the gang.

Tickets : http://billetto.co.uk/puravida-socialclub

What's included!


Xochi Balfour - http://www.thenaturalista.co.uk/

Xochi Balfour is a health and wellness blogger and co-founder of London street food truck, Rainbo. She is currently training as a naturopathic nutritionist and is passionate about holistic wellness, linking mind, body and spirit through healthy food and natural living.

The Detox Kitchen - https://detoxkitchen.co.uk/

Hot on the heels of their busy new deli in Kingly Court, original London health foodies The Detox Kitchen will be joining Xochi in creating a bespoke PVSC menu that combines fresh, natural and nutritious ingredients with bold flavours and influences from both home and away to fuel your spirit throughout the evening.

Danielle Copperman - http://modelmangetout.com/

With a passionate interest in wellness and healthy cooking, Danielle is a model-turned nutritional cooking blogger whose signature gluten-free granola, Qnola, launched last week to roaring success at The Detox Kitchen. For the PVSC launch, she will be working on a selection of super healthy sweet treats to round off the fit food experience.

Punch Foods - http://www.punchfoods.com/

Alex from Punch foods is crazy about nutrition and simple, bold ingredients from around the world, and her newly launched Superseed mixes fuse organic seeds with expertly sourced tamari, maca and cacao to bring instant flavour and punch to any dish or gotta-have-it craving.

Imbibery - http://www.imbiberylondon.com/

New York Imbibery girls Meryl and Lily launched their delicious range of coveted cold-pressed juices in London earlier this year and have become the go-to girls for super fresh and delicious juices and mylks, delivered straight to your door for a cleanse or fridge fill.


Al Dobson Jr - http://www.gillespetersonworldwide.com/al-dobson-jr-boiler-room/

South London DJ and producer Al Dobson Jr creates otherworldly and nuanced beats, alternating between cosmic vocal rips and a myriad of loose, soul infused beat tape­style sketches. With its digital flourishes, Al Dobson Jr’s “Sounds from the Village Vol. 1” out now on Izwid sees the sunrise and sunset over a bohemian musical vista.

Tanya Wells - http://www.tanyawells.com/

Tanya lived in India for over three years, attending school in the foothills of the Himalayas, and has recently performed with Natacha Atlas at Ronnie Scott's, provided vocals for Anoushka Shankar at the Cannes Film Festival, and opened for Joss Stone, Nitin Sawhney and Nicki Wells (her twin) at Mama Stones. Tanya continues to draw upon personal experience, writing and performing songs that express a range of diverse cultural influences.


Lani Rocillo - http://www.soundbeing.co.uk/

Lani Rocillo is a sound therapist, a creative and an intuitive. She studied Anthropology, focusing on indigenous healing traditions, and received training in sound healing with the Kahuna Kahea in the Big Island of Hawaii, and the British Academy of Sound Therapy. Exploration into sound has lead her to travel the world, working with masters of energy medicine, connecting with frequencies of sacred sites and collaborating in various experimental art/music projects. She holds regular sound baths, workshops and retreats, and runs a treatment space in London. It is her intention to use sound as a medium for continued self discovery and to share its immense therapeutic potential.


Wool & the gang - http://www.woolandthegang.com/

Wool and the Gang is a global fashion brand that believes in exceptional design that’s Made Unique. Never factory made, each Wool and the Gang item is handcrafted or knitted by the Gang – their team of artisans and makers around the world. Their designs can also be bought as easy to follow Knit Kits, which allow you to knit your own customised Wool and the Gang designs at home. Pick up your knitting sticks, join our Wool School and #GetYourKnitOn !