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We have been watching the new Lily Allen Doc, like everyone else and getting a bit exasperated with some of the silly decisions that were made in the early days.

However no one can deny that Lucy in Disguise, which we are only now watching the beginnings of on telly, is up and running and running smoothly at that. We did have our concerns as Lily's marketing manager seems a bit of an idiot and the sister seems just a tad user-ish.

Lucy and Disguise quickly took flight when opened towards the end of last year with an interior that does exactly what it seems Lily wanted it to - make you feel like you are walking into a dress up box.

The clothes are picked well and the price tags are far more affordable than what we are seeing they first were in the program currently airing each Tuesday eve.

Clothes now range between £30-£300 and you are able to have a cocktail or tea and biscuits whilst shopping. The clothes can also of course still be hired if you don't want to buy.

You will find Lucy In Disguise on King Street, Covent Garden.

So day 1 of street trends at London Fashion Week is over and it would appear people are playing it quite safe really; I haven't come across anything too outlandish yet apart from a few guys in high heels (Well about 3 inch) but I guess that's a given during Fashion week... I'm hoping that Saturday of Fashion Week will bring out the hardcore Fashionistas!

Terry-James Lynch

Clean, cute and simple. She is on point!

Enjoying the collection of gold chains and loving the silver studded christian louboutin loafers.

We just love having ourselves some Black watch! This guy must be really feeling at home with his vintage velvet dress slippers, chunky socks and the air between his legs...

Hello mister dapper! Spotted some more christian louboutin loafers but this time in leopard print with gold studs and a fine red trim, we like.

@ The Ada Zanditon presentation model, singer and  Ada's muse Viktoria Modesta dressed in... Ada Zanditon pictured with... me; looking like I'm with child but at least I have my louboutin studded high tops on. Can you see my love for these emerging here?

Saving the best till last, the ever so stylish man that is Matthew Zorpas. This guy knows how to put together an outfit; wearing a Mario Alexander suit and an amazing extra long shirt with loads of little gold & silver bells embellished on his cuffs. He stood out a cool mile from every other man. We look forward to seeing his outfits over the  next 4 days.