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Always find yourself talking about the old tube ticket machines and how the child option was always worn out and a single fare was about 60p - it's really not that long ago but now you can find out precisely both forward and back.

The Tube Time Machine will help you work out what you'll be paying to ride the tube in another 10 years time so you can get ready to grumble early.

Have a play around - all in the name of fun and based (future costs at least) on the rate of inflation in the past years.


Last year we heard wonderful news that some of the London tubes will begin to run all night in a year or so (yeah ok so not that immediately exciting but you may get more excited when you see the map.

This map shows the lines that will be on offer for the 24 hour service once up and running. It's a pretty good offering - not that great for South London but we're sure that's something that will be added in time.


See the large map here.

tfl website new features

The TFL website have introduced a bunch of new features that it's rival apps and such have had for ages and it's about time!
These new fangled additions include:

  • A new road status board, which gives you live traffic information on major roads.
  • A new ‘Nearby’ feature, which gives you a map of all our services in your vicinity, such as bus stops, Tube stations and river piers as well as live information on departure times
  • Our 24‑hour live traffic Twitter feed, follow us @TfLTrafficNews

To see the new roads information, please visit tfl.gov.uk/roads/status

We feel this is pretty exciting and long overdue - we reckon you might too.

We're not sure how many of you were listening to the radio when Bob Crow had an interview with LBC but it was stuff that made us all get pretty hot under the collar along with his interviewer.

We all suffered for 48 hours last week with the tube strike and we all breathed a sigh of relief  when the second strike was called off. We also all thought that the main issues brought to the front by the union was job loss and ticket office loss.

Now that everyone is talking and strikes are off though it seems that shorter work hours and more holiday are actually what is being debated. On an average salary of £40k with a working week of 35 hours and 6 weeks paid holiday a year the union want more time off......

We'll let you make your own conclusions.

Aldwych_webMore tour dates have been announced for June this year of the disused underground station at Aldwych.

The rare opportunities take you on a tour of the disused Aldwych Underground station in the Strand from Thursdays to Sundays in June 2014. Led by expert guides, the public will be able to see the ticket hall, abandoned platforms and tunnels, and inter-connecting walkways – including some that have very rarely been seen by the public.

Aldwych station is one of London’s secret places, holding myths and memories of times gone by. It opened to the public in 1907. It was never as heavily used as originally intended and closed nearly 100 years later in 1994. The station has had a varied history; it provided shelter to Londoners during the Blitz and has been used for film and TV shoots including,SherlockMr Selfridge and Atonement.

The tours will involve groups of up to 40 people and will run from Thursday 5 to Sunday 29 June.


Tickets: Adult £25.00, Concession £20.00 (Tickets will be released shortly).

Tickets will be released for sale on Monday 10 February and must be booked in advance online or by calling 020 7565 7298. All tickets include a special souvenir booklet and a 50% discounted admission to London Transport Museum located approximately five minutes from Aldwych station.

Important access information

  • Access to the platform is by staircase only and there is no working lift in operation. 160 stairs connect the ticket hall level to the platform level - there is no step-free access.
  • Visitors should wear sturdy shoes. Guests wearing open toe sandals, shoes or high-heels will be refused entry due to a health and safety requirements.
  • The event is not suitable for Children under 16 years of age.